Weird question: Food coloring and syphon.

kernul1April 7, 2011

Hey guys,

Had an odd question for you. I'm using the Foliage Pro with a Dramm syphon mixer for all my gritty pots. It's a little hard to see though if the syphon is working properly so I was considering adding some red food coloring dye to the FP/water mix to help me visually see if it was mixing correctly.

So, does anyone see any harm in this? Below are photographs of the product and ingredients. I figured if we can eat it, it's probably safe for my plants but what do I know.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I wouldn't think it harmful, either.


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I seem to remember a class project with celery and red food color when i was a kid. As the celery sat in water and food coloring it sucked up the food coloring and turned red. I wonder if red plants is something you would have to worry about. Would it stain your pots, soil or what ever your pots are sitting on?

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I think it may turn parts of your plants red if you use enough of it. Are these decorative or edible plants?

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Fyi, I tried this out and it worked awesome. I added just a little red food coloring to the foilage pro/water solution. It was enough so that I could tell if the syphon was properly working (clear white water coming out, wasn't working ... slightly pink water coming out, syphon was working).

Interestingly, the Dramm hand revolver would not work with the Syphon, for whatever reason it wouldn't pull the solution out.

The Dramm AL 170 water breaker worked great (I use it with a wand).


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Ania - my garden is almost all decorative. I'll keep an eye out though to see if any of the plants starting turning "red" :)

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thinking of when you put a white flower into colored water, how it turns that color but I'm sure you won't have that problem if you are just using a little bit. If you are using a lot of it, I think it's a valid concern.

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