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arbolFebruary 22, 2010

Hello everyone,

Not too long ago, I found some amazing looking Mac landscape design software that also did pools. However, it's completely slipped my mind. I know it's not Punch.

Anyone have any ideas?


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I found it. It was this:

It's not for Mac though - and it honestly doesn't look that great.

SO let me pose another question. Across ALL software packages, is anyone seriously planning patios, backyards, pools, etc with software. It all seems to be garbage that crashes (Punch).

People love SketchUp I hear - but that seems to have quite the steep learning curve. I also wonder how much I can do with the free version as opposed to spending $500.

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When Google first acquired SketchUp from AtLast Software, they made the free version for home use only, to try and smooth things over with us pro users who spent $500 on it. We all know how well the honor system works with software EULAs, so now you ARE licensed to use the free version for commercial purposes.

There are two major differences between Google SU (Free) and SketchUp Pro. The first is that Pro comes with Layout, which is an add-on that allows you to present drawings to scale, with title blocks. The second is that the Pro version allows you to export to multiple file formats, which is necessary if you're going to do post-processing renders with programs like Vue or Kerkythea.

I had the pro version at my old job because we bought it back when you had to pay for it. Now that I'm on my own, I use the free version. Works fine for what I do.

If you have CAD experience, or even solid graphics program experience, I would think you'll pick up SketchUp pretty quickly. I love it for working out construction details on trellis and pergolas (pergolae?). It's lousy for 2D drafting, though.

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