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stormz4February 24, 2010

Thank you in advance. Could not post on tree forum. I would like some imput to a problem that we are experiencing with the Emerald Ash Borer in our area. I have five Summit Ash trees planted in the 90's. These trees were recommended by the city as a good choice for our street trees. Now we have a concern with the infestation of Emeral Ash Borer. My trees and my nieghbors trees are not infected. However yesterday the city came by and tagged our trees to be removed. They will remove and replant for free according to a grant approved by the government. There are ten types of trees in witch to chose from. I have not been able to acsess these sites and this is confounding to me. I am trying to be involved in the process and do agree that this is a important venture. However, I am so very disappointed in how this is being handled. The notice on the tag says that the trees have been condemned. Very bold lettering and nothing that says it is due to the prevention of Emeral Ash Borer. Only that the tree is disieased, (witch they are not.) I know what to look for and also the city people told me they are not infested. That the trees were planted illeagly. ( Which they were not.) These tees were approved by the city in lue of the disaster of Duch Elm disease that desicrated many of our lovley tree lined streets of the 1970's. I am willing to fully participate in the replacement of these trees and will miss them dearly. We also have other trees planted on the property to keep diversity and health of the area. We thought we were being environmentaly aware. Now we feel as if we are a detrament to our area just by the wording on the tags. I have written the city forester of this. I take exception to the wording of the tags placed on these trees. This is what is says: These trees are condemned. No mention of why. People walking by, and I already have seen people stop and read this notice have no idea that it is for the prevention of Emerald Ash Borer. That the tree is diseased. (once again it is not). The city rep. already told me that they are not infected. I know they are not infected but probably will by soon. This is distressing because the property values in my area are lookig at this like Duch Elm Disease all over again. We were told many years ago that these trees were a great alternative and now here we go again! Losing shade in Minnesota. Haven't heard from the University of Minnesota as far as thier opinon goes or what they suggest so don't know what the recomendation is from them. It is in St.Paul and haven't heard what if any measures they are taking. Thank you for any and all help. My opinon is I'm dealing with clods. I also have a great nursery who can help but they are not as far as I know one of the nusery's picked for replacement trees. Thanks again for any and all imput to this.

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I can tell by your post that you are very distressed by this decision and I sympathize. It is always a concern when an apparently healthy tree needs to be removed but in this case I'm sure the city is looking at curbing the spread by removing all susceptible species. EAB is BIG problem! Have you contacted them for further explanations? IME, municipal agencies generally go out of their way to supply detailed information when they undertake widespread and potentially controversial actions such as this.

Aside from offering that advice, I am confused as to what else it is you are asking from this forum. Why could you not post on the Trees Forum? That is a very active and heavily populated forum and I would think that others in your same area could offer additional support and advice.

Here is a link that might be useful: EAB - Minnesota

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Thanks! I wasn't scrolling down far enough to see the trees forum. Found it. Also thanks for posting IME. I will check this out. I very much agree that this is a big problem and needs to be dealt with in an agressive way. Will post on tree forum. Thanks again!

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