Still have Indian Pink/Lg Bellworts/Ostrich Ferns/Praying Mantis

esofva(7b VA)February 7, 2012

Please note that I do not trade for seeds and rarely trade for cuttings.


I have: (not seeds)

1 Indian Pink

3 Lg. Bellwort

1 Ostrich Fern

I also still have several Carolina mantis (Praying Mantis)...Stagmomantis carolina...egg cases.

Will have White fringed orchid in about a week and possibly 2-3 Trillium Sulcatum...Furrowed Wakerobin...pic can be seen here:!i=864954671&k=Xz2FX&lb=1&s=A

Looking for:

Arabis...Wall Rock Cress 'Flore-Pleno'...(a need white, dwarf rockcress)


Armeria juniperifolia 'Alba'...white dwarf sea thift (need dwarf white sea thrift)

I don't need both, just multiples of one of these for a border.

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I would be interested in everything (except the Praying Mantis), but don't think I have anything you wnat. Below is my list of what I do have - any trade possibilities?
Amaryllis - Bulb �I know one is red, but can not guarantee anything
Amaryllis Seed
Amaryllis � Naked Lady
Aloe Vera
Hollyhock � Niger
Hollyhock � Niger Seed
Sego Palms
Elephant Ear
(Wandering Jew � large leaf))
Johnnie JumpUps
Lily Asiatic
Hostas- some small, some verigated..
Red Hot Poker
Blackberries � thornless semi erect

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esofva(7b VA)

TY Mrs__R..I wish there was something on your trade list we could trade for.

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If you still have Indian Pink and maybe the white fringed orchid and if there is anything on my trade list you might like to trade for please let me know. You have 2 plants that I am really looking for.

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