Is it too late to repot my fig?

redecoratingmom(8 GA)April 4, 2013

I purchased a "Celeste" fig a few days ago from a local nursery. It is about 4ft tall (2 or 3yr old plant) and has a bit of small green fruit on the tips of the branches yet no leaves. Our weather has been erratic with some freezing nights and highs around 50 the first half of the week then highs around 80 lows in the 50's the rest of the week. I want to keep this tree in a container for the next year or two so I was going to pot it up in a half whiskey barrel with 5:1:1 mix this weekend (its in a 5 gallon nursery container). Then I began to wonder if repotting it now would over stress the tree and ruin my hopes for fruit this year. Have I missed the window for this. Oh, and is it normal for it to have fruit on it this early? I didn't think this variety had a breba crop.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

If it has figs at this point, then presumably they're brebas. From what I've read, Celeste usually doesn't have a breba crop, but, if it does produce breba figs, then it will drop them early as opposed to ripening them. Regardless, now should be a great time to repot your fig. I've linked to a thread that provides some helpful tips on when/how to repot a fig.

Here is a link that might be useful: Should I re-pot?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

That's a great Thread you linked, Shazaam.
Yes, re-pot before the fig begins to leaf-out.


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redecoratingmom(8 GA)

Thank you guys! I know you always have the answers. Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and now I have a project to do outside, awesome.

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shazaam(NC 7B)

I hope the repotting went well for you. The big warmup here in the southeast has sent my figs into overdrive (last Friday's high was in the mid 40s; today's high was in the upper 80s), and, to my delight, I'm seeing lots of brebas developing, including one on the Celeste that I planted last spring. So I'll get a chance to see what comes of a Celeste breba fig, as well...

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redecoratingmom(8 GA)

Yes, shazaam, the repotting went very well. I repotted it without completely bare rooting it. I just took it out of the pot an gave it a good blasting with the hose to knock off most of the potting medium (which, surprisingly, seem to be pretty good quality) and repotted. A few leaves were forming so I decided against rooting pruning this go round, knowing from past experience the stress and recovery period, so I will likely do it next year.

The few figs (about 7 of them) are still on the tree and we are getting more leaves so we will see if they hang on and ripen or drop. Love this time of year watching everything in my garden wake up and looking forward to a summer full of beautiful blooms and sweet delicious figs :). Thanks again and let me know what becomes of your breba crop too!

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My 'Tennessee mountain' (Celeste?) is loaded with brebas for the first time I guess from having a mild winter.

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