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iliketreesFebruary 22, 2013

Hi, My name is Mike and I live near Pittsburgh Pa. Over the past month or so I have been working on an area of the yard where I would like to plant an evergreen screen. I am thinking two rows and have narrowed down to some plants on the "deer resistant" list...white and blue spruce, green giant and ellegantissima arb, and also thinking of throwing a few blue junipers in and perhaps a white fir or two. I'm not sure how to throw it all together. I don't want to do all one tree in a line but mix it up a bit. I was thinking first row along the property line spruces...maybe alternating between white and blue. Then in the second row (closer to the house) use the arbs. I was thinking maybe use a green giant with a blue juniper on each side to form a smal cluster.

I will attach some pictures to show what I'm working with but basically working along the property line to block the road and eventually the neihbor. The first phase will go back about 100ft. I then have a low area that will be filled in. Once that's ready it's about another 80-90ft to the wood line.

You will see in this picture a few trees along the line also. The first one closest to the road is dead and needs to come down. The next medium sized tree is an ash, then there's a cherry that I had topped. I planned on keeping those two for some diversity but am thinking it would be easier to remove them than work around.

I'm open to any ideas or suggestions even beyond the trees that I mentioned I'd like to use. I'm jkust looking for advice... thanks

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I would also like to come around the corner of the property line along the road a bit

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Looking down the line

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I view of the back portion.

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Here is an arial view.

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I should clarify that the above arial photo shows the shed on the other side of the yard. Alot of the trees on the right side of the arial photo have been thinned out and the shed is on that side now

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