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landscapenewbFebruary 27, 2010

Hey all,

I am building a 2 story house here in Ohio. The neighborhood requires that I put in basic landscaping within the first 3 months, so I'm trying to get a jump on that during this construction phase.

This is what the house will look like except with different colors, NO bay window, and a front-entry garage.

I am looking for a tree for the corner of the house (about 20-25' away) that will balance with the large peaks in the house's roofline and also soften the side of the house. I REALLY LOVE birch trees, but have been discouraged from using them by some of my coworkers. The concerns were that they invite many pests, the trunks will split, and the roots will tear through my foundation and yard.

What are your thoughts on this?? Is a River Birch better than most to overcome these problems? Is there an alternative to a Birch tree that still has the same silhouette (I don't like "lollipop" trees)?

I am planning to plant a PaperBark Maple tree on the garage side of the house closer to the road. But I wanted a more spreading shape for the Birch side of the house.

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I'd suggest you do some research on birches to see if that's the tree you want. A well selected and properly sited and cared for birch tree should have no more problems than any other type of tree. They do tend to produce surface roots over time which can pose issues for underplanting or mowing but they will not damage a structurally sound foundation. As to pests, birch borer is a concern with certain species - river birches tend to be most resistant. And birches often attract aphids -- not a real issue for the tree itself but honeydew or the aphid excrement can drip off the foliage and make a mess of cars, driveways or patios that may be below.

Specific plant selection is really not a landscape design topic - you will get a much more active and pertinent exchange if you were to post this request on the Trees forum.

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Thanks, I moved the post.

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