Mortar Crate Planter?

centexan254 zone 8 Temple, TxApril 11, 2014

Ok I have a surplus mortar crate that is wood with very stout rope handles. I am needing suggestions for some Texas hardy plants for it.

The size of it is 30 inches long. 12 inches wide. 6 inches tall. Most of my planting experience has been in ground. The container plants that I have done tend to come in the container. If not I have gotten the largest container that I could for that plant. Well this time I have container, and am at a what do I plant in it block.

Note it is spring here if you call 83 degrees with 48% humidity spring. In the next 60 to 70 days it will be in the 100 degree area give or take a couple of degrees. It will be in total full sun with no shade at all. That includes evening time as well.

I prefer edible. Though I will not rule out some kind of flowers. Watering will be done on an as needed basis. Medium will be some type of potting mix. Either home made, or prepackaged.

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With that size you can mix up some Mel's Mix, drill a couple of drain holes in the bottom, and plant about anything you want. For more info check out the square foot garden forum or check out square foot gardening online. That'll tell you what Mel's mix is, and other pertinent info about that gardening method. It works pretty well, and 6 inches deep is the standard depth. Mel Bartholomew is the guy that started it all. It gave me the best garden I've ever had. At least so far.

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

I drilled drain holes in it, and I used MG Potting Mix. For now it is 2 garden sage, and one box wood basil in it.

Once upon a time the crate held two 4.2 inch High Explosive mortar rounds. With Ft. Hood so near there is not a shortage of Military surplus around. The boxes used to transport the rounds are made of wood. I think they still pack them with course saw dust to keep them from banging around together. I wish I could have one of the cartridge boxes for the 105 mm. They are near to the size of a single wide fridge, and are made of very sturdy wood.

I will try to post a pic when I get a chance to later.

Thanks everyone,


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