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kawaiineko_gardener(5a)April 9, 2011

First off I tried doing a search about fertilizing with container gardening, I didn't really find anything; this is preemptive. 2nd with the questions listed below, please just answer the questions that I posted. I've tried asking questions about fertilizing, and I received information about everything there is to know about fertilizing, but I didn't get answers to the questions I asked.

I use the container gardening soil mixture listed below:

2-3 cu ft pine bark fines

5 gallons peat

5 gallons perlite

2 cups dolomitic (garden) lime (or gypsum in some cases)

2 cups CRF (if preferred)

1/2 cup micro-nutrient powder (or other source of the minors - provided in some fertilizers)

Small batch:

3 gallons pine bark

1/2 gallon peat

1/2 gallon perlite

4 tbsp lime (or gypsum in some cases)

1/4 cup CRF (if preferred)

micro-nutrient powder (or other source of the minors)

I have a few simple questions. The instructions are basically you mix everything together, and if desired, you mix in fertilizer when you make your container gardening soil mixture.

If you add fertilizer to your soil mixture when you make up the batch, will you have to fertilize the plants later, even though there is fertilizer in the soil mixture because you added it when you first planted?

If you add fertilizer to your soil mixture when you mix it up, is it necessary to fertilize seedlings with a weak fertlizer solution (one that is diluted and specifically designed for fertilizing seedlings....I'm not referring to seedling transplants, I'm referring to seeds that are directly sown outdoors, where they're going to be grown from the time they're planted, until they're harvested)

Which is the better route to go with fertilizing? Should you just omit adding the fertilizer when you mix up the soil mixture, and then fertilize as the plants grow, or should you just add it to your soil mixture initially and then fertilize when the plants are bigger?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

This is the " container" growing forum not for direct sowing... the two methods vary greatly

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I mix CRF only in containers 4 inch and larger, one teaspoon per gallon, added only as the containers are planted, not into the mix in bulk. Because most CRF is formulated to release at 70 degrees or higher, I also use a water soluble 9-3-6 early in the season when the temperature is cool. In the garden, not container mix, I do not use any fertilizer, only compost and mulch. Al

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