Mandevilla identification

nkda1819(7b)April 8, 2008

Hi Everyone,

My local Wal-Mart had a grand opening for their new garden center and had some nice tropicals on sale. I picked up two 'Mandevillas', the first of which looks like a classic pink vining plant that I have previously associated with the name Mandevilla. The second, however, has deep red flowers, smaller smooth leaves, and shows no interest in vining.

First plant:

Second plant:

Any thoughts on exactly what the red one is and how its care should differ, if at all, from the typical Mandevilla in the first picture would be greatly appreciated.


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rosco_p(z6a ont.canada)

NKDA: I think you will find your first pictured Mandevilla to be Alice Dupont" and the second to be "Crimson Parasol" I can't help you with the care instructions as I am just trying to keep my first year Mandevillas alive myself.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

I agree with the above id's. They split the mandevilla and dipledinia (crimson parasol)into two separate categories. The care is about the same. They want moist but well drained soil. They (here in Texas) like morning sun and some afternoon shade for the hot parts of the summer but both take full sun during the cooler spring and fall months. They can be prone to scale, white fly and mealy bug but if kept healthy don't have many problems. They are a fairly heavy feeder so keep up with the fert of your choice regularly through the growing season. They will need good protection from coldest part of your winter or bring inside to guarantee survival. They can make it in 8 with protection but only in our milder winters.
Hope this gives you most of what you were looking for and as always.... Happy Planting David

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