Raised planter beds

diggdugg2000April 12, 2012

hello there -- i am attempting to build a raised planter like the one shown in the included picture, for my parents who are unable to get down on the ground to garden. i found this planter while searching online, but they are only made in England, and i could not afford to buy the planter and have it shipped out here. so i am going to try and make it. i was planning on using cedar boards -- the part i can not figure out is how to find the angles for the cuts, for the legs. is there anyone that has any suggestions? or that has built one of these before and could tell me how to do the legs. my parents really loved the idea and picture that i showed them. thanx in advance for all your help

also the dimensions for the planter are 6ft long, 32 in tall, and 30 in deep

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Can't offer much help, but I vaguely remember 'helping' long time ago to build a table with crossed legs: the angle for the legs was approx.38 degrees...I think you need to cut 2x4 approx. 39" long to get table height. Usually they are lap-jointed, but you can see in the photo that they are bolted.
Maybe you can google some free plans?
I would just fiddle with couple of 2x4 until I find proper angle for the width of top you plan on building, and the height you want.
If you plan on siting this planter next to the wall, make sure it's not too wide, so whole planting area could be easily reached from 1 side.
If 'free standing', you can make it wider since it could be accessed from 2 sides.

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