Parilla plants in containers

yucatanApril 13, 2012

Looking to grow Perilla (Asian Shiso) from the actual seeds in containers. I want to grow the variety which is edible and naturally high in Omega 3's...not the ornamental variety.

Any help finding this seeds and/or growing this plant is much appreciated.


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I have a few million Parilla seeds that I'd be happy to share. LOL they are like rabbits. I had two plants last year and this year there are about 40 of them. I dried the plant upside down and saved a lot of seeds. If you mail me a single stamp I'll be happy to send you a packet of them. I, also, have Thai and Hot or Holy basil seeds if you need. Also organic Bok Choy etc seeds. you can email me at michaelmalone007 at if you haven't found the seeds yet.

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