nicholerh(8b)February 4, 2011

Quick question - we're looking at doing some landscaping in the near future (excited!!) but it involves transplanting some established plants.

2 Hydrangeas

1 large rose of sharon

I think those are the only ones I'm worried about. Right now everyone is fast asleep for the cooler season. How long do I have to safely move them? I live in Seattle, WA.

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Having lived in the greater Seattle area all my life, I can say there is seldom a time when you cannot transplant safely :-) That said, there are better times than others - fall is really ideal, as that is when the roots of woody plants tend to be very active, so restablishment of the root system is rapid. Deciduous shrubs like the ones you mention can also be moved while still dormant. Any time in late winter when the weather cooperates and the soil is not too wet to be workable. After the plants emerge from dormancy is less ideal, simply because the plants are in full growth mode and it is more difficult for them to re-establish. But if done with sufficient care and attention to watering needs, transplanting even in summer is possible, as excessive heat is here is seldom an issue.

If you have other gardening/planting questions specific to this area, you might like to visit our regional forum, Northwest Gardening. Gardening conditions in this area tend to be rather unique and what is appropriate or feasible here is not necessarily the same everywhere else.

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