Fence Dilemma - need advice

zone8heatherFebruary 14, 2014

Hello all. We have a waterfront home in Florida and have stunning sunset views to our west or left side of our home. The vacant lot next door (.35 acres) just received a new 5500 Sq ft 3 story home and they just completed a 6 ft fence all the way to the water. This new fence completely blocks our sunset view and my favorite view altogether. I'd like to be a good neighbor...but now I would like to simply create privacy now down the fence line ( our home is a one story). First...how I do that and not feel guilty of hindering their view of the water. ..or should I care at all and simply create my private bastion. I give up a lot to afford to live in this beautiful spot and it has been hard to let go of the privacy and even more so the more beautiful views....All advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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Please show in a picture what you are describing.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I'd build a 2 story deck so you can enjoy your view! This (and I hate them) is one reason a HOA is a good thing. Without that, you don't have a prayer.

A little concrete, lumber, and labor will give you a nice deck. You can just go up there and enjoy your view. Put a cover on it, and they can't watch from their 3 story house.

That was pretty tacky what they did. They should have been more considerate.

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Create privacy and if you can, build a deck - when it comes to views, we can't take them for granted. In my neighborhood, people are selling their older homes and the new buyers are building up to get a view. Funny though, one neighbor build up to get a view then the one in front build up and obstructed their view. And they used to be friends. Good luck.

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