shadng artichokes in hot weather

lady_nikki(z6OK)February 4, 2013

Our Oklahoma summers are too hot for artichokes, as a rule, so I was wondering if planting sunflowers or something as tall, would keep them shady and cool(er)
Any suggestions appreciated!

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no that would shade them to much

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Since they grow in the medditerrainean region naturally, I wouldn't think that summer is too hot for them. Perhaps too dry to have them make a large bud, but not too hot. I am still working on getting my artichoke culture down right,but what I am planning on doing this summer is to plant them in with some compost mixed in, mulch well once the heat sets in, and give extra water during dry spells. Also, I will be vigilent about checking the base for signs of vole tunnels. The little buggers like to get in under those big leaves and eat all the roots. I am also trialing different types to see if one does markedly better than the others in my region. Cheers!

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Mine just die off in the summer. I chop them off and when it cools off they come back from the ground. They truly look like they are dying. I thought for sure they were dead at first, until they came back, bigger than before.

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