NO CASUALTIES in gritty mix with succulents, what to do? Pic

meyermike_1micha(5)April 24, 2011

Now what am I to do? lol

I really thought I was going to lose some of my plants over the winter, since I always did growing them in anything but the gritty or 5.1.1 mixes,.

Now I am stuck with all these plants that made it, plus doubles of many I thought I would lose.

They have all done remarkably well and even the color on most of them has held true!

One of my Hummel Sunset Jades went green, because it was not directly under lights, but as for the rest, YAHOO!!!:-)

Thought I would share them with you since no one here in my area is into plants like we are, although I think a few might be if they even knew how many colors they can turn into too. Seems like the only ones we can but locally are green and variegated..Enjoy!

Not sure of the actual names of these plants, but I will do my best and in the mix is a Desert Rose that survived!

I brought them all up from the basement, and put them outside behind my garage in the warmest area for their first day. In order to acclimate them to the sun, I used a bug screen, and double layered it for the first week, then will take a layer off on the second, then the only layer will come off a week after that.

There is a group shot of most of them, then some single ones up close and personal. I always liken them to my own kids since they all have their own distinct features and markings.

Green soon to be colored Hummel Sunset:

Colored ones that have held on all winter!

This pot has a Hummel and a couple others I got from my dear friend Al............I shall be back to post a better picture of Rose

Other different type Jades:

Group picture before the screen and then after.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

love the desert rose Mike! Could you take more pictures of it when you have the chance? :o)

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Thank you Kemistry!

I will. I apprciate the stop by and your comments:-)


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You plants look great, Mike. How did you get the DR to bloom already? Lights?

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Hi Monet!

I kept it in my pop up greenhouse with no added lighting.
What did the trick though was bottom and heat combined with hot temps in there begining of spring.

It was bare all winter, and as soon as I set it on a space heater and gave it full sun with temps rising into the 80's 90's on sunny days, whalla, it grew fast, and I mean fast. I have 4 more on the way and I will post those as soon as they flower, since they went into that house a bit later.

Thank you


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a


No casualties to report here, either!
We are braved the Winter just fine ;-)


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

No casualties here either. ;-)

Mike - don't be bashful about cutting back those succulents that have long bare stems with rosettes at the ends. You can start the cuttings, but more importantly, you'll get lots of adventitious buds develop from the cambium right where you cut it back. This is the parent of the almost black Aeonium arborens I sent you (5th picture from top).

See how the growth habit was markedly changed for the better just by cutting through the stem with a sharp knife/razor blade? Don't forget to seal the wound with waterproof carpenter's glue to keep the stem from drying back.


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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

Everything looks great!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow Mike...everything looks awesome!! Fantastic always. I just love that ripple, curly leaf jade...very cool!

Al, I just LOVE your Aeonium...SO pretty!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Don't you have one, Nance? I know I sent you one, but maybe it didn't make it? I have some to share if you'd like one?


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Hey Al:

Thank you for your idea.
I will do that and take photos of before and after. You should see 'Rose"! She is looking so beautiful.
I noticed your Aeonium arborens is not as black as mine, but has shades of green. Beautiful and full!@! It seems that the more light it get, the blacker it becomes, no?
It is one of my favorite plants for special reasons:-0)
I have the razor blade and the glue, now just a nice pot like that. You should see how well the glue did for my Desert Rose which I 'Pugged" like Nancy does. lol

Hi Pug! I just wanted to let you know I fell in love with that Desert Rose you posted and another special one! Please post it here for all to see. It would be an honor! Lovely and great job. Those colors will just brighten up my day. Please!:-)))))))
If you do not have a ripply jade, I could always send you a cutting for your collection:-)

Jojo: Thank you, thank you. I saw yours too and they are beautiful as always! Love that cactus in your gutter and the green flowering one.

Josh: Congrats on yours too! Yahoo. I saw some of yours and quite impressed after a long winter. If you posted a few of yours here, that too would be just awesome since I know you are a gritty mix grower too!:-))))))))

Thanks so much for your support and kind comments along with the help to be able to do this everyone!

Hi Gail and Kemistry.


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