bigpinksApril 2, 2012

Planted out three tomatoes yesterday. They are about 8 inches above the surface of the 5-1-1 and maybe 6 weeks old. I have hardened them off and watered them in with half strength MG. Two Better Boys and one Orange Slice right in front of the garage where I can slide the 8 gal containers in and out of the garage. They got about ten hours of sun today and look healthy. Hoping for fresh tomatoes by mid June. This is about 6 weeks prior to avg last frost where I live but I couldnt wait any longer. Weather is wonderful but scary at the same time.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You're braver than I. I wouldn't have planted out until I knew soil temps were going to be reliably above 55-60* Please don't fertilize until temps are in that range - especially with anything using organic sources of N or using urea as a N source; this, to avoid complications from ammonium toxicity due to low soil temps.

Did you strip off all the bottom leaves & plant them REALLY deep?

After stripping bottom leaves:

Planted this deep:


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Thanks for the reply as I would prob got in a hurry with the fertilizer. Great pics also. I didnt get as deep as yours because mine were only half that tall. I just got them out of the garage and they still look great and its forcasted 80 today. I used the 8 gal containers rather than the big totes so I can put them in the house if really frigid nights occur. Thanks again.

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