Help! Our new house needs some serious curb appeal.

nealveyFebruary 2, 2014

Hi all, we just purchased an awesome house (IMO) in December. It sits on an acre lot in a great area. The front of the house isn't the prettiest, however it's compounded by currently having no landscaping. Would love to get some input on things we could do to make it look nicer.

One idea we've talked about is extending the front patio to under the large window and then put a gabled porch off the front. We've also talked about extending the roof over the patio on the left of the house. Regardless if we do those or not, we need to get some landscaping done.

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Another view...

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Way to go! Nice house!

Everybody will have their own opinions about what looks aesthetically pleasing... For me, I'd enjoy a row of spruces, the nearer the curb the better.

Why not have your soil tested and have the utility companies come out spray paint your grass for stuff you'll need to avoid.

How long do you intend to live there? If you plant larger trees they give you privacy quicker but cost a lot more.

Additionally, plant some 1/2 barrels and put flowers on that patio. Update your front door to something nicer?

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.


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My designing:

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I could see a roof extension over the patio at the left end for those outdoor get togethers ... or a sheltered entrance over the front door. Here's a few ideas for a basic foundation planting.

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