WANTED: Desperately Seeking one or More of the Following.

Zacherie(6b NY)February 27, 2014

�Agave mapisaga
�Alluaudia humbertii
�Alluaudia procera
�Angraecum sesquipedale
�Araucaria araucana
�Cinnamomum zeylanicum
�Cnidoscolus angustidens
�Colletia paradox
�Crassula umbella
�Dorstenia foetida
�Encephalartos horridus
�Gunnera manicata
�Hoya imbricata
�Hoya imperialis
�Hoya lauterbachii
�Hoya obovata
�Pachypodium namaquanum
�Platycerium superbum
�Proboscidea parviflora
�Puya chilensis
�Sauromatum venosum
�Solanum pyracanthum
�Theobroma cacao
�Cylindropuntia fulgida
�Urtica ferox
�Dendrocnide moroides
�Heracleum mantegazzianum
�Maihuenia poeppigii
�Entada gigas
�Desmodium gyrans
�Fouquieria splendens
�Tristellateia australasiae
�Albuca spiralis
�Ceropegia sandersonii
�Cyphostemma currorii
�Monadenium echinulatum
�Monilaria chrysoleuca
�Pelargonium appendiculatum
�Pseudolithos migiurtinus
�Uncarina roeoesliana

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Zacherie(6b NY)

Or any suggestions on where to find sites to trade the more rare specimens?

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I think your best chance is to do a google.com search on each one and web sites will show up as well as anyone who has these for trade. The plants you are looking for are too expensive for most of us to grow.

Edited to add:

Your GW member page states that you are an assistant research technician of university greenhouses at an un-named university.

You don't tell us what growing zone you're in or what state or city you live in.

You should be in a position to order all of these plants through wholesale growers at a great price, so check out the resources the university buys from.

If they don't grow them, they most likely can order them for you.

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You probably have to go to the Arizona gardening forum for some of those plants.

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Zacherie(6b NY)

Hello nel5397 and kayjones,

Thank you for the tips. I have taken note and I will pursue these other avenues.

Happy gardening,


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Hi Zach,

I can get very close on a couple of those.

I have seedlings (started December) of Gunnera tinctoria. From what I understand, 99% of what is called G. manicata in this country is actually G. tinctoria, which is a much easier species. The seedlings are currently tiny, but look strong. I just gave them separate pots for some and a larger pot for most.

I have a Dorstenia hildebrandtii which is about to start producing seeds. The plant is ridiculously easy from seeds and forms a caudex immediately.

That's not much, but I have other things, not on your list but perhaps of interest. I'll email you. I'm happy to send for postage.

I would agree with kayjones about the importance of including a location, of some sort. For me the most important considerations are shipping distance/cost and whether cool-growing tropicals can be successfully grown.

Edit: I see you fixed the last part. That's very useful information.


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Zacherie(6b NY)

Ciao Randy -

Thank you, getting close to any of these would be great! Ha.

That is interesting to know concerning the G. tinctoria alias manicata. I have a fascination for the genus ever since I acquired a species that is somewhat similar, but not as grand (Petasites japonica). Gunnera is definitely much more interesting and I would greatly appreciate seeds and/or a seedling.

That Dorstenia hildebrandtii sounds great, I have not even checked out the species as I have only come across a D. foetida in person. I would greatly appreciate a specimen of this as well!

Yes, I agree and apologize for the confusion. I grow most of my plants indoors as a result of my residence in NY. The zone rarely plays much importance as the interesting plants are not able to be grown outdoors. :( The good news is that in July I will be permanently moving to LA and most of my plants will be able to stay outdoors finally in the superb CA sun.

I will email you with my details and check out your advice. Thanks for the help.


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