Farm Produce Stand- What should we name it?

moo_(EastTX)February 2, 2008

We're going to start operating a farm produce stand this summer in our small town and we need a nifty name.

I'd like to use the towns name in it so people where know where it is. ex. Smallville Produce. But, of course, that's just too boring and has no pizzaz.

We'll be selling fresh veggies, hay and straw, farm cut posts and lumber and some bedding plants and hanging baskets.

The building is a small garden shed done in the Colonial style with a cupula on top with a rooster weather vane.

It's going to be very informal and "back porch" like in atmosphere.

I'd love some good ideas for a name. Surely you've seen a farm name or something that you thought was clever?

Thanks, Moo

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anney(Georgia 8)


This oughta' be fun!

Just give us a little time to ponder...

Your town is called Smallville?

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Personally, I like 'Smallville Nursery'...:) kidding...

Maybe you could find out something about the history of your area and go from there. For instance, here there's a local place called "Buck Run Nursery" because of it's proximity to Buck Run Creek. Or 'Antietam Gardens'...another local name. Actually, that's a little too popular because everything here is ANTIETAM 'SOMETHING' and therefore has been over used. Maybe look for names of families that settled the area. Maybe you'll find something that jumps out at you.

I like "The Back Porch" theme.

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jimster(z7a MA)

I'd call it "Stan Sands' Stand", but that probably only works if your name is Stanley Sands.


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Moo, I love your name, why not just call it 'Moo's'?

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

Jim, his/her name is Moo...I think you've been eating too many beans;)

(I recently 'met' someone named 'grey goose,' or was it 'goose grey'.....??'

Real name too

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jimster(z7a MA)

Would "Nice 'n' Fresh" be too corny?

(I'm trying.)


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anney(Georgia 8)

Smallville Garden Depot?

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Moo's Marvelous Market

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zeuspaul(9b SoCal)

Smallville's Back Porch

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how about

Superman's Vege's

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If you were only selling garden produce - "Smallville Vittles."

Wouldn't sales be better if you left Smallville, flew to Metropolis and opened a Daily Palate? Or, the Daily Planter?

Steve's digits

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How about "Moo's Smallville All You Can Eat Farm Stand?" Of course you mean "all" you sell is edible or useable, but you might draw in the curious thinking there might be more to it. These people would be overwhelmed by your goods, become regulars, and tell all of their friends "Oh, you've gotta check out Moo's All You Can Eat." I think the name is memorable (not the usual sort of name for a farm stand) and somewhat amusing, sort of creating a relaxed, not overly serious feel. But then again, I'm easily amused and maybe it's too corney (or stupid LOL!


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Here's three I thought of:

Moo's Country Fare
Smallville Staples
The Cornucopia Cottage

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I don't like the businesses in "Ourtown" that start by using the name of the town because in the phone book, printed or online, or Google maps have a dozens of names starting with "Ourtown".

Even a farm produce stand needs a website with a map with a physical address. You can print the home page and post it on the grocery store board for advertisement. So put the dot com in the name. for exampe.

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WOW! Ya'll are great!

Hubster came up with "Moo's Cantelopes and Bloomers"
That is wrong on just too many levels.

My nickname is Moo and most family and friends call me Moo. Other than my Dad who calls me Miss Moo which is where it all began, but I digress....

Actually, I hadn't thought of using Moo in the name. That might be a good idea.

A friend suggested "Smallville Green Market". What do you think of that? Is it confusing or crystal clear?

Please don't stop. I love the posts!

And please offer suggestions as to other things we could sell.

thanks, moo.

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anney(Georgia 8)


It's a fun thread.

I'd suggest you add herbs to your produce.

And why not also sell some useful garden appliances or tools -- like those seed sowers discussed in another thread that don't require bending over, or kids' wagons that can double as garden wagons, kids' garden tools. People often want garden stuff that just isn't available locally. Heirloom seeds that can't be found in other stores along with their history and the full monty information about them. Good books on gardening. Pamphlets from the USDA that list important information, like growing guides, where to get soil tested, information on vegetable and other pests, organic growing, etc. Fire ant baits, organic and industrial strength!

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Oh, great ideas anney. Perhaps I could be a drop off point for soil testing?

We're for sure going to try to get as many heirloom bedding plants as possible.

We're going to have on site veggie garden and cottage type flower garden for inspiration. (hopefully it will be inspiring)

This will show off our natural wheat straw and pine straw mulches and natural fertilizers.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Still trying:

"Moo Gardens"

(Better be prepared to stock dairy items. Customers will expect it.)


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shot(8 - GA)


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Hi Moo,

I guess it depends on your targeted clientele (local regulars vs. people driving through town), but it seems to me that if you carry products (heirloom seeds, herb plants, etc.) making it easier for people to "grow their own," you might, over time, be drying up the market for the produce you're trying to sell. For example, you turn people on to heirloom tomatoes, sell them the seeds, and next year they're growing their own rather than buying yours.

Of course not everyone has the time, space, physical ability, or talent to grow their own produce, but a certain percentage of your market might. Might not matter if you're selling largely to people passing through town and not likely to be back soon, but it could matter with the local, regular customers.

Could be off base here, but maybe something to consider.

Here's a link to a "fruit stand" not to far from us:

It's for Casa De Fruta and is a "destination" fruit stand for many driving through the area. It started out as a produce stand along the highway and is now almost a theme park. I doubt you want to go in that direction, but if you check out their website you can maybe get some ideas for things to sell in addition to produce.


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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

How about "Moo's Good Things from the Garden"? Hmmm... that's a little long. OK, then, how about "Moo's Back Porch Goodies"? "Mooville Garden Delights"? This is fun! (Sure beats working, which is what I'm supposed to be doing right now! LOL)

My best friend and her fiance inherited his Dad's produce stand and during the winter she makes gourd bird houses to sell alongside their produce.

Have fun!

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You can use my handle and call it "VEGGIEKING'S"

But if you make it bigtime go the franchise route please mail me a 1% cut of the monthly profits (I have witnesses :)

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jimster(z7a MA)

How about some alliteration:

"Moo's Market"

I like the simplicity of that too. It rolls easily off the tongue.


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Moo's Market....

I guess if I sold a cow or two I could call it-
Moo's Stock Market!

I sort of like it!

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Moo's Market is good, Jim. Real good. Why didn't I think of that?

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anney(Georgia 8)

Moo's Market is certainly memorable, not easy to forget!

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Hey Jim, what if I take your suggestions, combine them and come back with - ta da-

"Moo's Garden"?

And then on my sign, under that I could put Fresh Produce and Flowers, as if to explain myself...?

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anney(Georgia 8)

If you want the town name in it, "Moo's Smallville Garden"? THIS implies that Moo has gone regional, if not global. People will look for "Moo" in other towns.

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Anney! Loving it!! I'm a chain!!!

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jimster(z7a MA)

Moo, I think that is a fine idea. Adding a "subtitle" to just about any name would be a good thing to do. That way, you can keep the name short and sweet, then add whatever explanatory words you want in the form of a list of products or a descriptive phrase.

"Moo's Market" vs. "Moo's Garden" is a small difference to me. Perhaps it's a matter of the way it sounds vs. what it implies, if you know what I mean.


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"Moo's Produce and More"
"Rooster Heights Produce"

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As for something else to sell, there was a garden stand around here that sold all the usual, fruits, vegetables, fresh eggs, but their big draw was whole milk in returnable glass bottles. I don't mean milk like the red label stuff in plastic jugs, this stuff was the real deal no cream removed.

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Hi Moo,

As Anney said "this is fun" . Tell us more about your expected clientele. Will you just be selling to locals or trying to draw in people off a nearby interstate? Who's your competition and what other businesses (groceries, nurseries, "gourmet" shops, etc.) might you be "sharing territory" with? What amenities are in the area? I'm thinking here of things like picnic grounds, highway rest stops, or campgrounds that you might target for people stopping by for picnic type provisions to go with your produce to make a complete meal. Are you thinking about maybe going a bit into "general store" territory, or just want to stick to what you mentioned in your original post?

If you're considering selling more than what you mentioned in your original post, this might affect the name. But, I do like using "Moo" and the city name for your business, with specific items for sale noted in your signs, ads, etc. (produce, gardening supplies, or whatever).

Anyway, just curious about clientele and competition...


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Hi Again,

A PS....

In addition to clientele and competition, ronnywil's post brings up the subject of other people in the area who you might work with (that is, whose products you might also sell) - dairies, egg farms, smokehouses, vineyards, nut orchards, etc. How strict are your zoning ordinances? If you start selling milk and eggs, for example, does that take you into a whole new categories with more restrictions/cerifications?

I mention this as you asked for suggestions on what else to sell. If I were doing it with no limiting factors, I'd try to make the produce the focus of attention and provide other things to complement the produce for a "one-stop" store where you could buy everything you'd need for a complete meal without having to go to a grocery store for extras. Have the produce but also eggs, milk, butter, cured meats (bacon, salami, etc.), "gourmet" olive oils and vinegars, a few select cheeses to go with your produce (feta, mozzarella, parmesean), maybe some dried pasta, french bread, hot sauces and salsas - you get the idea. Not everything a grocery would have, but enough to throw together a picnic or quick at home dinner featuring your produce. Depending on your traffic, you probaby wouldn't have to stock too much extra - just maybe a small dairy case (as I've seen in some produce stands) - but at least it would be there for people.

Also I think recipe cards would be great by the veggies. You could sell alot of different stuff with a ratatouille recipe posted by the eggplant (or green beans, or zucchini, or tomatoes, etc.)!

Anyway, just a few thoughts.


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Anne! Gosh your making me hungry!

OK, here's the thing.

VERY small town. 500 people. BUT, I want Moo's to be a destination. A place to come because Moo has the BEST veggies and the MOST GEORGEOUS hanging baskets etc. I don't want to do average.

It's a place to grab a friend on a sunny afternoon and go spend a few bucks and enjoy the gardens.

In this venue, Moo's is going to have to be worth the trip of a 30 mile drive.

I've got a source for fresh local goat cheese and milk products, tons of farm produce, even fresh catfish.

I also have a person who is interested in making rustic breads for me. Also she talked about making fudge.

I've found 3 berry farms that grow muscidine, mayhaw, blueberries and strawberries. yuuummmmm....

I also want to build a Colonial type gazebo and put out some nice benches or picnic tables for the old people in the town to come out and enjoy a cup of coffee or lemonade in the gardens and give the place some life. My Dad has already offered to be a planted- "colorful character". :)

Moo's will be a place that people just want to be and they don't even know why. It's beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing.

Also, I have over an acre of land with mature pecan trees and crepe myrtles to put Moo's. It's smack in the middle of "town" and prime location if there is such a thing in a small town and a state highway runs straight through it.

It's going to be fun. Because that's what I want it to be. :)

Please keep posting because I'm learning SO SO much from your posts. Your making me think about things I've not considered. Thanks for your time- Moo.

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After the fine name and beautiful location there are a few serious issues to think about.

What sort of entity will you be? There are protections inherent in corporations and LLCs that might exceed those in partnerships. Business and liability insurance, tax liabilities and writeoffs and records for audits, any necessary business licenses your jurisdiction might require.
Good planning is worth the time. One person falling over a tree branch that fell to the ground that morning and wasn't picked up, and suing you can wipe you out.

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Hi Moo,

Well... since you asked ...

Your vision for (let's call it Moo's for now) Moo's sounds fabulous! Will your budget
allow you to "start out big" with everything you describe, or will you gradually work
into it?

It sounds like you have incredible resources in terms of food products to work with.
If it's doable financially, I can picture a deli to one side of the store that includes an
outside take-out window for people wanting to eat at the picnic tables. You need to
check all the local zoning for this, of course, and for a business serving food, you'll
have to comply with the state's health department rules and regulations. At least in
California for restaurants (not sure about take-out), you have to have separate men's
and women's restrooms (with handicapped access, I'm sure) and things like a 3
compartment sink plus a hand sink and mop sink and dishwasher reaching a certain temperature.

If you can do a deli/take-out operation using the products available to you, I think you'll
get alot of additional business. You'd be an attractive alternative to a Denny's or McDonald's
to people traveling down the interstate. You could offer fried catfish, BLT's with your rustic
bread and heirloom tomatoes, Greek Salad (tomatoes, red onions, feta, and olives), an heirloom
tomato salad (with basil and mozzarella chunks), steamed or boiled "fresh off the farm" corn on
the cob, gazapacho or vichysoisse in cups, a cool ratatouie with rustic bread, salad nicoise (lettuce, olives, cooked but chilled green beans and potatoes and tuna), berries in cream, fudge, watermelon, etc. In effect, it would sort of be like giving people free samples of your offerings, except it wouldn't be free . (If you're serving food, I guess "Moo's All You Can Eat" that I suggested earlier isn't such a great name LOL!).

Anyway, I think if you want to be a "destination," it makes sense to serve food. It doesn't have to be fancy - just good (and relatively quick). People would come in, maybe look around a bit, then have lunch (or brunch), relax in your gardens a bit, and then come back in and shop
before heading back home. Conversely, people coming out for your bedding plants, baskets, etc., might decide to have a quick bite to eat before heading home, and end up buying produce
they hadn't particularly had in mind when they set out on their journey.

Another plus of serving take-out food is that you'd have a ton of great material for your compost piles!

Other ideas (you're probably sorry you asked by now LOL!) .... On the recipe cards for the produce make sure everything on the ingredient list is available for sale in your store (except for
staples that most everyone is already likely to have at home). If you have the space, it might be nice to offer some specialty cookware for vegetables (asparagus steamer, grilling basket for veggies, garlic press, corn on the cob plate, etc.) and a few good cookbooks featuring vegetables.

Oh, I think a previous post mentioning milk in returnable glass bottles was interesting. People will HAVE to return if they want to get their deposit back.

Guess that's enough for now. Your project sounds REALLY exciting! Good luck with it!


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Smallville's Last Stand!

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A quick PS to my last post...

If setting up a kitchen is more than you want to do the start out, much of what you sell could be cooked off-site (cold soups, quiches, ratatouille, etc.) and just kept chilled prior to sale from a refrigerator case, and salads could be sold in bulk form in the deli area rather than made to order. Possibly corn on the cob could be cooked in a microwave? If you wanted to offer hot items (like fried catfish, or various veggie fritters, tempuras, etc.), perhaps you could contract to have a catering truck on premises to do these items??? Might be a good way to start out without having to invest too much in equipment and insurance, etc.

Just seems like all of the big, successful, destination "produce stands" (as well as places like Whole Foods) offer food to eat on site as well as the raw ingredients and deli items to go.


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The food idea is just too much. First of all it would require too much of my building area, additional employees, and too much money for equipment.

Plus, my heart isn't in a cafe'.

We have a nice corn dog, sandwich vendor right accross the road who would love some attention. It's cute and clean and the people are wonderful. I'm happy to let her have that business with the exception that I will sell lemonade, coffee and perhaps some sweet treats.


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anney(Georgia 8)


I thought the idea of food preparation was way beyond what I thought you were aiming for myself.

I was going to suggest picnic tables instead, for people to bring their own lunch to, and drink your lemonade, but east Texas is just way too hot for even that in the summer. Well, except for kids who don't seem to be bothered by the heat the way adults are. Maybe under a shady tree. Put up hummingbird feeders by the windows or on the porch!

I used to live at the last end of nowhere in North Carolina, and until a few years ago, the general store (town about 300) sold cold drinks from a box cooler, even the Cokes in bottles that were ice cold. The old men would hang around in the daytime, sitting at a table back in the corner, smoking, drinking their Cokes, and playing checkers, while other folks came and went. They sold fishing gear and worms, penny candy, and a few garden implements, so I am guessing this is the sort of small-town ambience you'd like, even if it's essentially a garden stand and not a general store.

It'll come together for you when you get enough ideas and sift through them! It sure sounds like fun to plan, even if you have to cut back on your dreams at start-up.

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Hi Moo,

I can understand that - I'm afraid alot of stuff just popped into mind when you mentioned catfish, cheeses, and baked good (used to be in the restaurant biz).

Maybe the take-out business and/or deli would be something for the future. Sounds like you have enough other great plans going on for now!


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Hi Again,

Wanted to add, that I'm just not sure I'd drive 30 miles out of my way for produce (no matter how good it was) and the other items you mention in your OP, a garden setting, and a "bring your own" picnic setting. I'd probably stop in if I were in the area, but I don't know if I'd make a special trip. But I guess it depends on what else is within a 30 mile or so radius as competition - nurseries, a Whole Foods Store, parks, or other other things that might be more convenient for people.

I can see the ambiance of the scenario presented by Anney as very attractive for locals or people passing through, but I'm not sure that it would be enough to get people to drive 30 miles out of their way.


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jimster(z7a MA)

Moo, it isn't easy to start a business but I think you are being realistic and you have a solid concept. Keep focused.

The more I think about the name, the more I prefer Moo's Market to Moo's Garden. It has a snappier sound. I don't think the name is the most important part of your plan, but it helps.

Good luck. I wish you great success. I'll pay a visit when you are up and running.


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Here's my 2cents worth.

Miss Moo's Mulches....and More.

With this name you can start out with fresh veggies and add anything else you want later. Where in East TX is Smallville? Ex-inlaws used to have a farm in Teneha...or was it Timpson? Anywhere close to that?

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Yoo Hoo Moo's. Some excellent names already suggesdted. Throw a steak or two on dry ice in a chest and call it Moo's Steak Market, and produce, or all the trimmings.
Bill P.

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Hi Moo,

For some reason, I've had trouble posting this (maybe I should take the clue ... but I'll give it one more try before turning in for the night...
Another PS ...
I wasn't thinking about a "cafe" - just a sort of funky little take-out window from the deli area with some of your offerings - self serve and on paper plates with plastic "silverware" and trash cans around for people to clear their own tables (one can labeled "plastic" and another other labeled "other or everything else" - to simplify your composting).

Interesting about the corndog stand - maybe you could do something with them?? I'm just thinking about your mention of catfish. This brings up the point of "competition." I think that, especially in a small town, you wouldn't want to do anything to take business away from others - maybe you could collaborate with the corndog stand to benefit both of you? If they've got a fryer for their dogs, they could probably also do the catfish you have access to.

Again, FWIW!

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Hi all!

I have a new idea for a name! It came to me last night-

The Fussy Hen (then under that) "Particularly" Good Produce
and Fancy Flowers

I guess you'd have to know me, but it fits me! I'm not a perfectionist but I am picky about things, especially food.

I think it's memorable at the very least!

OK, what do you think?

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

I like it! Sounds like a place I'd like to shop.

Produce and flowers sound like good products to start with. If you see you can handle more, you can always expand. However, if you start with too much and don't do it well, it is hard to take away the negative impressions people formed.

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Hi Moo,

Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but the term "fussy" has mainly negative connotations to me (think of a "fussy" baby) and doesn't seem to fit with the fun, laid-back, relaxed atmosphere you're trying to create. You can check the word out on There are lots of positive meanings, but also alot that are negative. I imagine that different regions of the country might use the word differently and it might have more of a positive feel in your area, but for me, the name doesn't really work. JMHO!!!

I do like the idea of a farm animal in your name. Lends itself to a neat, memorable logo.


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Hi Again,

How about "Moo's Back Porch - Fabulous Flowers and Premium Produce?" You could have a logo with a smiling cow sitting with legs crossed in a rocker on a back porch and with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a bowl full of produce cradled in its lap?


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Hi (yet again),

Sorry for all these short posts and afterthoughts, but my computer keeps crashing on me so things come in fits and starts.

On "fancy flowers" - I'm not sure what you mean by that but, to me, it sort of indicates that you're selling some sort of exotics, rather than a full range of flowers including more "everyday" types, like roses, daisies, etc.

On "particularly good produce" - to me this is like you're selling B+ produce (the high side of "good"), not excellent (A+) produce.

In other words, the flower description seems sort of limiting and the produce description sounds a bit too modest.


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nygardener(z6 New York)

The Garden of Eatin'
Smallville Back Porch
Flowers and Feast
Set a Spell - Farm Stand & Gardens

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I've been lurking since I suggested my names just to see what people would come up with. I love "The Garden of Eatin!"

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Moo, it's got to be exciting and a lot of work for you and family, children too I suppose? Imagine your husband would like to be included in the name? How about using your last name in the name? Or:

John(?) and Moo's Garden Goods
John and Moo's Garden of Eatin? (thanks Booberry)
Moo's Home Grown & Homemade

Good luck,


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Moo's Garden Market

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

OK, then, how about "The Picky Hen" - Particularly Excellent Produce?

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

"Moo's Choice Produce"

"Moo V's" (w/painting of veggies)

"Smallville Bigtime Produce"

"Fruits, Roots, and Leaves by Moo"

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Zeedman, those are cool!
Although that last one might get me investigated!

I'm finding it really hard to decide!

Thanks! Moo

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moo's farmers market or moo's veggie mart

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How about "Moo's Marvelous Market." Nothing like a little alliteration to catch attention.

Homemade jams and jellies would be nice. No refrigeration needed, and it's something most people don't make for themselves (more's the pity...).

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Hey Moo,

How about ""insert town name here> Garden Spot".

Where in East TX are you? I live in Longview. I may want to come get some of that goat cheese. When are you opening?

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Miss Moo's Market

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jmzms(z7 Alpharetta, GA)

My two cents...I actually like "the fussy hen". In a small town like yours, it would be considered "quaint" by those who don't know you (the passers-through). And those that know you would know what you meant.

I can't tell you how many little antique shops and kitschy places I've seen and been to with names like that. Plus, I can see the fun you'd have with a logo.

I would absolutely start small and grow the business. Produce, flowers, and I liked the idea of jellies/jams (things you've made from your produce).

Best of luck.

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It's official!

Moo's Garden & Market LLC

Opening Fall of 2008!!!

Thanks to all!!!


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anney(Georgia 8)


Have fun, Moo!

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jimster(z7a MA)

Best of luck, Moo!

I have confidence in you.


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Excellent Moo! Hang on to your dream.

In the beginning, focus on what you know the best, the rest will follow.

Be sure to include in your advertising and logo that you offer "simply the finest and freshest produce" and "the most beautiful plants and premium hanging baskets to make your home an oasis of peace and relaxation."

Ok...a little long winded but you get the drift.

Also, as tacky as some find it, coupons for 10 percent off also bring in business.

Ultimately, it is your personality and hospitality that will bring in the return customers who will be more than happy to spend money on great product. It will be hard work to cultivate the beautiful image that you've projected, but you can do it!

Good Luck! Maryann in CT

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

Yay Moo!! If you can, when you get your stand up and running, take a picture and post it here so we can all celebrate your opening with you!

    Bookmark   February 20, 2008 at 10:51AM
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Oh thank ya'll!!

I really appreciate the comments and the advice.

I've just taken my "before" pics of the site and can't wait until it's finished so I can post the before and afters!

Now, I'm hard at work with building plans, fixture finding, start up costs, and narrowing down what we'll carry and what we won't.

For every idea I dispose of it seems like two more pop into my head! I'm loving it!

Thanks for the support ya'll. I mean it! -Moo

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I like "Miss Moo's Market"

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Why not just name it what it is, "Farm Fresh Produce"

    Bookmark   February 22, 2008 at 3:10PM
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Moo's Locally Grown Produce Stand.

    Bookmark   February 22, 2008 at 7:37PM
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Use your last Name.Please let us know when your open, over here in Liberty city

    Bookmark   February 22, 2008 at 10:45PM
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I can't wait until the fall, when you open and we get "The Weekly Moos" - best of luck!!!

    Bookmark   February 24, 2008 at 9:29PM
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Well, good luck Moo's Garden & Market LLC! I hope you're a sweet success. I'm sure this must be such fun. :)

    Bookmark   February 24, 2008 at 9:52PM
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Well, good luck Moo's Garden & Market LLC! I hope you're a sweet success. I'm sure this must be such fun. :)

    Bookmark   February 26, 2008 at 7:38AM
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Hi! Just touching base. We're working feverishly on the shop and I'm havng a ball! I'll get pics ASAP.

It's surpassing my expectations! This little produce stand is developing a life of it's own and the locals are waiting with baited breath for me to finish! Isn't that nice of them to act so excited? They're nice folks.

I don't want this to turn into an advertisement, that is not my intention. I'm just so excited and ya'll were so great in helping me with the name.

Already though, I've gotten some mail addressed to "Moose Garden and market" ahh well....

Happy Happy Happy!!!!!

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I picked up this thread by accident and enjoyed it. Did you ever get pics that you could get back to us with? I would love to hear the story of how it's going, and am sure I'm not alone...


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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

I'm so glad you are keeping us in the loop! We too are waiting on baited breathe, those of us who have followed the thread since early this year! Glad it's coming along and can't wait to see pics. I doubt I'll get over to see it, but I wish I could shop there!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure!

    Bookmark   August 27, 2008 at 1:37AM
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HI! I got a lovely email that this thread had been retrieved so I'm here to give an update!

Actually, I've been so consumed with this project that I haven't even been to the forum.

The store is going to open October 1!!!!!

It's called "Southern Seasons" and it's in Shelbyville, TX.

I actually got my LLC with Moo's Garden & Market but I found that I had to spell and explain too much with this name. Plus I kept getting mail addressed to Moose Gardens (?) I found Southern Seasons explained that concept much better.

If someone will post the "code" on how to paste a picture I'll be happy to show you the progress. It's quite a transformation!

It has been my passion to make this store THE store that I would want to shop at. It must have everything that I find enjoyable in a store. I think I might have done it, for the most part.

First of all, we are all about the seasons. When we open in October I'm having a half a semi load of pumpkins delivered for sale and display. Their premium pumpkins from West Texas in all sizes shapes and colors. These bear NO resemblance to your Wal Mart or grocery store pumpkins. There is big and tiny, red and white and blue and orange, tall and fat and even some with warts!

My husband and I bundled up corn shocks from our garden for decoration, I'm going to Louisiana for a load of barley and wheat straw bales. We'll have mums and snapdraggons, panseys, and fall garden veggie plants.

The day after Thanksgiving, all the Fall stuff goes to the cows to enjoy and in comes the Fraser Firs from North Carolina. I'm getting table top sizes for my older customers who find large trees too much to deal with.

Then comes spring with hanging baskets and beddding plants, fountains and bird baths, feeders, wind chimes, sun catchers etc.

Back to October-
Inside the store is seperated into two sections which I lovingly call womans world/man's world. The theme of the whole store is based on entertaining at home. Whether it's a formal dinner party, backyard cookout, or a cozy evening at home alone, I have what you need! - Let me explain!

The ladies side will greet you when you walk in with a huge centerpiece of fresh cut flowers (which are for sale) and often times a fruit and vegetable centerpiece like a pomegranate and lemon topiary or such. I also carry Colonial Candles, and sachets and poporri from Sentations, candle sticks & georgeous table runners.

Wine, iced tea, rocks, shot, martini glasses, pitchers, stirrers, decanters, swizzle sticks both silly and classic. Trays to carry your cup and saucer, the BEST music CD's ranging from jazz to love songs, books from Southern Lady publishing on entertaining and tabletops and flowers. Magazines also like Southern Lady, Taste of the South (Not taste of home) Victoria and Tea Time.

On the counter you will find fresh muffins, cookies, croissants, cupcakes, fruitcakes, pies and bagles. Fresh hot coffee (perhaps cappaccino, I'm working on that) and you can take your coffee and muffin and go out on the back deck (20x24) and enjoy your coffee looking at the gardens and reading a magazine or newspaper. There will be a nice fountain and seasonal decor, of course. I want people to LOVE to be here!

Man's world has Salty snacks like Real Virginia peanuts both in a can and in the shell, fresh fruits and vegetables grown localy and in from the Texas Rio Grand Valley, glass bottled cokes, the real can sugar Dr. Pepper from Dublin, TX. Deer corn and fall plot mixes.

A meat counter with actual USDA PRIME BEEF! Yes, it's pricey but it's so difficult to find that I decided we MUST carry it for those who want something special. We'll have delicious smoked link sausage by the pound, and other food items that I'm still working on.

I'm sure there's so much that I'm forgetting! It's a lot especially when you see that the store is so tiny but it will be loaded to the rafters which is what I wanted!

Also, different yes, but I will NOT decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving! This gives you a reason to come back often to see what is new with the decor and centerpieces and foods.

Thank you all for your interest and please come and see me when we get open! It's going to be nothing if not interesting.

I've got to go paint....again!

Love, Moo!

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anney(Georgia 8)

Great, Moo!

I see the concept has fleshed out!

Do East Texans eat boiled peanuts? Might add them to your salty snacks if you haven't included them! Fall is a good time to boil them over a fire in a large black kettle outside. Or a pressure cooker inside if you'd rather speed things up!

To post pictures, go to and register -- it's free. Then upload your pictures there. They'll appear in an "album". When you want to post a picture here, just click on the html code rectangle (there are several codes given for various uses, but the html code makes the picture show up in your post) and it immediately copies the picture code. Then switch to GardenWeb and paste (Control V) the code into your post where you want it to appear. Put a return before and after your picture.

The preview of your post will show the post and picture as it will appear here.

I'm looking forward to seeing them!

    Bookmark   August 27, 2008 at 10:41AM
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sunnyk(Z6 SW Coastal CT)

If you ever decice to expand...come on up to Connecticut.
I would love to have someplace like that around here!!

Your place sounds absolutely divine! :)

    Bookmark   August 27, 2008 at 8:36PM
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I just found this thread on a search and wonder how your market is going?

    Bookmark   March 31, 2009 at 10:40PM
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Sunlight Delights

    Bookmark   April 1, 2009 at 12:41PM
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Like Moo we will be opening a farm stand. We however are opening the stand on a busy 4 lane highway with an estimated 8 to 10 thousand cars per day. We are located in Moore County NC 3/4 acre lot. With a cinder block home that has served as three restaurants and a beauty shop. Our resounding theme is to support our local growers. We will be carrying jams, jellies and homemade products, bedding plants, as well as fresh produce and all that goes with the ambiance of an ole time produce stand.

I would appreciate any input for a name.

    Bookmark   May 11, 2009 at 10:12PM
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