I looking for Inspiration pics of small back yards.

tomatotomataFebruary 17, 2011

Can you direct me to some websites? I can find a lot of pics of big fancy places, but I'm looking for examples closer to reality LOL.

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Have you done a search for "small gardens"? Tons of pictures, ideas, plans and suggested books to read. Visit your library for books by Keith Davitt, especially SMALL SPACES BEAUTIFUL GARDENS. He is an expert on the subject.

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I'll hit the library this weekend!

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And here's couple more for you to check out:
Gardening in Small Places, a Fine Gardening Special Interest publication, and Natural Gardening in Small Spaces by Noel Kingsbury (a noted landscape designer). Both have LOTS of inspirational photos :-)

I actually prefer designing for a small property -- I find it easier to create a sense of sanctuary and lushness when working within the confines of a small place. And more publications of this type would be helpful to homeowners - in many more urban areas and even some suburban areas - like much of California - properties tend to be very tiny lots with respect to the size of the residence so small garden spaces are pretty much SOP. And then there is the popularity of townhomes with their tiny attached gardens. Sometimes traditional landscaping practices are just not very appropriate for these pocket gardens. The homeowner or designer needs to get creative!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Small is par for the course here so there is lots of advice about. My own garden is 15 paces from the house to the back wall and 6 wide. The link might be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Advice on planning small gardens

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