Totally new garden, need suggestions.

bocron(z7a GA)February 17, 2013

I have just cleared my front garden. We removed all lawn so we will have WAY more room for planting beds. My hope is to add a conifer section (probably small, dwarf or minis mostly) an herb section, a fairy garden for fun, possibilities seem endless :D. My front yard is on the north side of the house but I am in Georgia so it is very hot in the summer. The 10 feet up against the house stays shaded and the rest gets a lot of sun. Here is my yard a couple of summers ago,

And here it is as of this morning, that is a wide gravel path meandering through the front.

And a view from the front stoop facing out,

We have a total of 12 acres, so there is plenty of grass to maintain, I just got tired of it up at the house. The path is wide enough for our tractor so we can move mulch and gravel throughout.

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robyn_tx(8 Dallas)

Gosh what you had was what many of us wish for!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

With twelve acres, you have the room to plant anything you wish! I like the idea of separating the yard into various areas. Just remember to give a focal point to the yard, and then in each area, it's own focal point.

Visit the hypertufta forum here on garden web for ideas.

Since it is the front yard, and curb appeal is pretty important, I would flank the entrance with stone posts and coach lights. Nothing is more restful than a nice green lawn, but I can understand how too much lawn is a pain to maintain!!

Maybe a water feature would be nice like a fountain. Statues add a lot, and also low hedges. You could create a maze with all that property!!

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I couldn't advise you on all the plants you might like to get, but after peering at you (very tiny) pictures, one thing catches my eye. I'd advice you to transplant the shrubs flanking the entrance to the walk and space them farther apart. Or trim them back hard to get more clearance at the walk. They look like nice shrubs. Just too close together for a luxurious feeling gateway.

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