Landscape ideas around pool

canadian123(zone 6)February 11, 2014

Not sure if this is the right forum...

I have a sunken on-ground pool, fence is 5' away on each side.
I thought about tall narrow evergreens on the wood fence side, but not sure if that will work with the roots so close to pool (the underside is just liner, not concrete).
It would be nice for privacy on that side and a combo of evergreen and annuals would be good since it looks very bare in winter.
The side with the iron fence, i'd like to have grasses or something that isn't as tall (sun comes from that side).
Any recommendations?
It's very sunny area, soil is engineered fill so pretty hard (like clay).
Southwestern Ontario (zone 6 I believe). Any tips or pics would be appreciated!

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canadian123(zone 6)

Here's another shot from the patio.

There will be a gate from patio, and a long table/ bar to separate pool area from patio (to keep the kids out).
There will also be a shed at the end of pool area that will partially block view from rear neighbour.
Where the pool skimmer is, i'd like taller thicker plants (don't mind not being able to walk on that side of pool). The side where iron fence it will eventually have a path of some sort.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I'd be tempted to build a wooden deck around the pool. Those rocks would be killer on bare feet! Decks look great with lounge chairs, and a chest to hold pool toys.

My zone is much hotter than yours, so not sure what grows in your area. I'd choose plants that don't shed. Nothing worse than a lot of leaves in the pool. Don't pick plants that attract bees.

We have sago palms, society garlic, a couple low shrubs, and pine trees. The pines are a good distance from the pool, so they don't drop their cones or needles anywhere near the pool.

Good luck!

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My design:

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If this was an audition ... what would Simon Cowell say?

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canadian123(zone 6)

I like the narrow evergreens, what are they called?

Don't follow on the Cowell post... what are you saying? I shouldn't follow my dream to be a singer?

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