Driveway Re-do Concrete or Blacktop?

greengardener07February 15, 2010

Which is the more economical alternative up front and in the long run?

We have a small incline driveway, basically two concrete treads, the rest grass that allows one car to park there.

Well, we want to re-do this area as shoveling the snow always digs up the turf and when it rains, it is just down right muddy. Being on an incline, muddy could lead up to slipping.

Does anyone have any other alternatives?


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linda_schreiber(z5/6 MI)

In the long run, concrete.
In the medium run, asphalt/blacktop.
In the economical short-run, professionally tamped laid gravel.
In the more economical shorter-run, a load of gravel dumped, that you spread out, and then the car traffic tamps it in.

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I live in a climate with a frost depth of around 6 inches. That said, long drives over 100 ft get asphalt, short drives less than 30 ft get concrete. Concrete has a longer life span but both types suffer a short life if there is a problem with the sub-base. Short concrete drives have the advantage of being part or all a DIY project.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

I'd do macadam if it gets any sun at all. You are talking about mud, but should be thinking ice. To a certain extent, blacktop is self-clearing. If the sun is able to hit the surface, it will heat up and melt any ice or snow near it. Concrete doesn't do that.

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