HAVE: Plants, Tubers and Cuttings

snoopykittykat(7)March 4, 2013

- Hellebores (creamy white, single petal, baby plant division just start to sprout (1) plant per trade)
- Hellebores (lime green, single petal, large cluster of flowers atop the stem, (1) plant per trade)

- Red Raspberry cane rooted baby cane (thornless or thorned variety, sending (5) baby cane per trade)

- Calla Lily tuber (white, large variety, (2-3 tuber per trade)

- Euphorbia 'Wood Spurge' (picture of full grown plant shown, 5 small seedlings per trade)

- French Pink Pussywillow (un-rooted cuttings, (4) cuttings per trade)


- Variegated Solomon's Seal ----- (received) (will take more for trade, I need a good size clump of these)
- False Solomon's Seal ----- (trade in progress)
- Variegated Lily of the Valley
- Pink Lily of the valley
- Double Hellebores any color but white and cream
- tree peony any color
- Variegated Bear Breech
- Tuberose (double)
- Tea Olive ----- (received)
- Mockorange (double)
- Myrtle Variegated or not (scented wood)
- Oak leaf Hydrangea (the one that turn pink or red bloom in Fall) ----- (received) (will take more for trade)

Please let me know if u can trade. I'm open to other flower suggestion if u don't have what listed above. I love variegated and fragrant flowers that will be suitable for the cold (Pacific NW zone 7-8).

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I am interested in your french pink pussy willows, I have the black pussy willow for trade.

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I'm interested in your Horseradish roots but I have no of your wants. I do have chocolate mint roots or unrooted wisteria cuttings.

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To: dcj24

All the Horseradish roots are spoken for and I won't have anymore of them until next year.

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I have the variegated solomon seal and also the false but you may need to wait I'll see if I can locate the solomon seal but it hasn't come up yet its the Large type I have other stuff not listed
check out my page
Take care Franc

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txaggiegirl(TX 8b)

Sending email.

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I LOOOOVE that euphorbia...do you have a name for it?? I don't have plants to trade :( but I would love the name if you know any it is !! Thanks in advance!! Just beautiful!!

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Just sent an email !! Also want to add that I have fresh harvested seeds for the speckled hellebore ...greenish pink if your interested ?!? :) I did find some things I have form your wants :)

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I'm interested in the creamy white hellebore, the calla lily, and the euphorbia.

I think my mock orange is double, but I'm not positive. I also believe that it's possible to propagate through cuttings but have never done it. I'm also not sure how many false solomon seal I will have once they come up (it's a bit early yet, here).

I have a _lot_ of different types of hosta, but I cannot find the hosta forum post in which they were all kindly identified. I could take pictures once they are up, but again, very early yet for them. (we currently have crocuses. And many green bulb plant leaves)

So, apparently, *flail*

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Looking at your wants list: I definitely have a grape vine which seems to give concord grapes, but it's not positively identified. I can see if I can figure out how to propagate it. I definitely have the brilliantly orange trumpet vine which loves trying to spread, thereby suggesting it should not be difficult to propagate.

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I sent an email ;) hope it went through !!

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hmm. unfortunately, this is the first reply i got. do you happen to remember the subject so i can see if my spam filler ate it?

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nevermind, it just arrived. :)

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