Landscape design company for Hueytown AL?

lc4alFebruary 18, 2011

I have a huge yard (>1 acre) with lots of different issues in different areas of the yard. I have come to the realization that, while I can do some of the work myself, I'm definitely going to need help with an overall plan. I am trying to find a good designer but there are so many choices out there it's hard to know who to call. I will need some hardscaping done for a 15-20' walkway in addition to plantings and sod in different areas. Can anyone give me recommendations for a reputable company in my area? Thanks in advance!

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Hi I am new here.
Please, do you know somebody, who would like to Garden project?
I am from small country from central Europe - Czech republic.
Maybe you know my father - Jan Slama (
If you want to, you can visit my galleries with Garden design and Graden realization.
My e-mail is

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden galery

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lc4al, it's a bit difficult to get very specific with designers for a very particular location on an international forum :-)

There's a couple of ways you can approach this -- often retail nurseries/garden centers will either offer design services themselves or can refer you to designers they work with. Or, drive around various established neighborhoods in your area and see if there are any gardens that pop out and grab you. If so, you can knock on the door and ask if they used a designer....folks are usually quite agreeable to passing on that info and even if they didn't use professional design services, they will be flattered you showed an interest in their garden. You can always post this same request on the Alabama Gardening forum - someone living closer may have good suggestions. The last is to let your fingers do the walking, but that method is always at the bottom of my list -- you may just be getting a pig in a poke.

And I did find one contact for you. I typically suggest folks contact the Association of Professional Landscape Designers for referrals for their area, as that is the closest we get to a national association/certification process. However, the closest APLD chapter is Georgia/NC/SC. But that chapter does have a member located in Birmingham who may be able to help......doesn't look too far away, but I'm on the other side of the country. What do I know?? LOL! Check out June Mays Garden Design - website linked below.

When selecting any designer, make sure you can establish a good rapport and open communication and check out their portfolio of completed work to make sure they offer what you are looking for or ask if there are previous clients whose gardens you can view and/or call for a reference.


Here is a link that might be useful: June Mays Garden Design

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wbgarden(6 Europe)

Hi all, thank you for viewing my son Martin Slama garden design gallery.
More wbgarden design here...

wbgarden autumn gallery

Jan Slama wbgarden

Here is a link that might be useful: Dwarf conifers garden

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