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MiamiMulchFebruary 13, 2014

Hello Experts,
I have been obsessing over what pest resistant tree or series of trees/shrubs to plant in order to shade what I have come to understand to be a poorly positioned corner sun room with large windows facing SE and SW. The room bakes unless it is under 60 degrees outside, so I have to keep the hurricane shutters drawn. I've attached a picture. The roof is flat, reflective, and now well insulated; so I'm focusing on the windows now. I plan to install solar film on the inside of the windows to reflect away the sun.

- Full sun
- a rain gutter that spills right into the corner (which I can redirect if needed).

- There is an un-screened pool 30 feet away, so I want to limit foliage that could easily sail into the water like a Poinciana Tree would.
- The tree needs to be far enough away to not turn up pavers coming off the the SW side of the house.

I'd really appreciate any advice.

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Neeed more pics from different viewpoint to help understand.

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Is this the front or the back of the house? Any chance we could get a wider shot of the property and maybe an around pointing do the direct south, so we can figure out what angle we need to cut the sun off at.

If this is the back of the property, have you considered an awning?

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rosiew(8 GA)

Have this product on my eBay watch list. Provides 85% screening. See these made as roller shades all over the place. Believe there's a large selection of colors plus multiple places you can purchase. Another bonus, you wouldn't use the window film, which you'd take off in winter to allow the sun to help warm the porch. HTH, Rosie


Sunbrella Shade Shadow Mesh Fabric - 51000-00 Snow

About the Fabric

Sunbrella Shadow is a unique brand of Sunbrella designed for use in sheer methods and applications. Sunbrella Shadow will provide shade and design, as well as high quality performing fabric.
Custom Fabrication

Sunbrella Shadow fabric is intended for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Designed for use in window treatments, drapes, and curtains, Sunbrellas Shade Shadow is also great for privacy screens and architectural embellishments on gazebos and other structures. Sunbrella Shade Shadow filters and diffuses light and adds privacy without total sun blockage. It's perfect for shading applications where some light passage is desirable.

Sunbrella Shade Shadow features an open weave in which space is locked into the fabric, resulting in limited sun blockage and allowing water to pass through for fast drying. This heavy-duty sheer has a light finish that makes it soft to the touch. Offered in a variety of colors, Sunbrella Shade Shadow coordinates with many popular Sunbrella solid awning and furniture fabric colors.

Fabric Specifications:

Width: 54" wide
Weight: 6.5 ounces per square yard

100% solution dyed acrylic
85% shade coverage
UV resistant
Treated for easy cleaning, but not to repel water (water will flow through the fabric)
Mildew resistant
Breathable to prevent condensation
Minimal shrinking or stretching
Fade proof
Stain resistant
Easy to sew (use V-46 thread with a #14 needle)
5 year Manufacturer Warranty

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Thanks for all the responses! Please find a wider picture attached with 11:45am sun. Awnings can look nice, as replies have demonstrated, but I'm concerned initial and storm costs. I'll be sure to get some estimates before I install the film, though.

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What about a fairly tight cluster, or grove (3 or 5) of Pindo Palms? They grow fairly fast but mature at around 20' ht. The fronds get a decent reach ... and no leaves in the pool at all! In a group they will produce shade. Shield the patio side with a root barrier if roots concern you.

It is the front-and-center palm in the picture.)

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Well this might be a far-fetched idea, but if you don't actually need that space to be enclosed, you might consider removing the windows to make it an outdoor room with or w/o screens, put in several ceiling fans, make it more a part of the outdoor living, which I am guessing you are in Miami and so you are outdoors year-round. Being from New Orleans, I can relate quite a bit. The windows are what is making the sunroom into a greenhouse, I am guessing.

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How about a Japanese Fern Tree (Filicium decipiens) for shade and then palms, banana leaf with expanded mulch for additional shade and landscaping. Fern trees are evergreen and shouldn't cause much, if any debris. They grow about 25-30ft with an expansive and dense canopy.

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Closing the loop on this topic: By tinting the windows of the rooms I wanted to protect with the awning, they are now livable all year long! The tint doesn't make every day look dreary as I had feared, and am happy with my course of action. Cooling costs have reduced noticeably, but only enough to pay for tinting over 5 years.

Specifically the tint was "solar gard true vue 15" for large windows and 30 (lighter tint) for skinnier windows in more common rooms.

Also, I'm putting Pindo Palms front and center in my driveway loop (not pictured).

Thanks to all for the advice and proof of concepts!

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