Need help identifying this green

TNHomesteader(7)February 6, 2013

A friend brought over a huge head of what she called "romaine" but it doesn't look like romaine to me. The romaine I'm familiar with has a slim spine with veins coming off of it whereas this leaf has a flat wide spine with branches coming off of the spine. Any ideas? I don't want to eat or juice it until I know for sure what it is.


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My first thought looking at the picture was that it is Napa cabbage but it could easily be a Romaine type- They vary so much in appearance nowdays. It looks appetizing.

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So a version of romaine. Okay, I can live with that. lol. Thanks a bunch for your help. I'd gladly share some with you because there's WAY MORE than we can handle, but it would probably freeze by the time it got to you. hee hee.

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Alrighty, so I just tasted it and I think your first thought was right. It certainly does not have the taste or texture of romaine. I do believe it is napa cabbage. =)

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Yes, it is definitely napa or chinese cabbage. Sautee, stir fry, or soup it up!

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100% Napa. Look up kimchi recipes, you will be eating it for months. My suggestion is to make a VEGAN kimchi, not because I am vegan, but because fish sauce can become quite smelly over time.

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When I first saw it, I thought Napa cabbage.

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Y'all are AWESOME!! I'm a raw vegan so I've already found a recipe for veggie kimchi. I'm also going to be making veggie wraps with the cabbage leaves.

@glib - This head of cabbage was twice the size when my friend brought it over, but I was unable to do anything with it at the time, so I set it out in the garage. When I went out to get it today, all the outside leaves were yellow. I could've been eating this stuff for years! LOL!! =]

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