sitting area plopped in the middle of nowhere (backyard)

grullablue(5)February 28, 2011

Ok...we don't have a city lot...we live in the township, just outside of the luckily we are still enjoying a little bit of "country living" for now. We have a small farmette...and behind the house is a woods and pond. The back yard is long and somewhat narrow compared to its length...because of the treeline/pond.

But come's my little piece of heaven, when the frogs wake up, and the geese return, and we have a Great Blue Heron who returns every year to spend the summer on our pond.

I want to create just a little sitting area in the back yard near the water's edge....just to sit. have it look relatively natural...maybe make some sort of sitting bench with logs-type thing (anyone have pics of something they've done?), maybe throw in a couple of tiki torches...I dunno. Maybe a couple benches....and/or a primitive fire pit...who knows. But, something that matches the natural feel of that area.

Anyone made any home-made (amateurs!!) furniture for the back yard using trees/logs who can share pics?

And does anyone think this would look goofy? I would be stuck there in th emiddle of path to landscape around it....really, my back yard is not landscaped much at all. I do have a couple hostas along that treeline down there...and could add more. But...I like to enjoy the area.

I have a video, of just what I enjoy...the sound of the frogs, and the geese...I don't know if I can embed one here, I will try. The frogs get so loud, if the window's open, and I'm in my house, and on the phone, people on the other end hear them. It's truly amazing! And, in another month...I should start hearing them. I can hardly wait!

Nope, it won't let me. I'll try a link instead...if you can see/hear it, I was standing in my dining room when I filmed this!

Here is a link that might be useful: Night sounds at my place.

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Nobody has responded yet so I will give it a try. Go to Garden Junk Forum on this site & look at post called "Unexpected project" They lady is making a spot to sit & enjoy in memory of her mother. She shows before & after she has gotten started & I think it will be nice. She does have a new bench sitting there, most of us are thinking we would find an "old headboard from curbside on trash day, yard sale or thrift shop! We like to reuse things, so everyone recycles. You could put your fire pit out there, plant some native plants from somewhere else on your property so water requirements are low & if you want it cozy put up a branch fence in L shaped maybe 8 ft on each side. Just upright posts & branches attached to them for very rustic look(it is just the look, not a solid fence) since you have some property you should find what you need by looking around. Can wire branches onto posts as it rusts it will look rustic. The "fence" takes away the "sitting out in the middle of "nowhere" feel"! Makes your spot a destination. 1 person suggested to someone planting tree hunks as fence to use 1 near the seat. Good idea, might want to bring along a cold or warm drink & "sit a spell" then you have place to set it. Kirkus just brought up the Inspiration Album that Purplemoon put together for us & if you click on that blue link at bottom you will see many great ideas for great sitting spots. You might go to wooden album(albums listed off to the right side) & there will be bed seats & all things wood, vignettes shows spots people have made in their gardens to enjoy. Hope you get some great ideas from the album- we all love it & saves a lot of time looking for a post that may no longer have the pics. Good Luck

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Angie, your audio file is wonderful. I had that in my previous home, fell asleep hearing the zillion tree frogs and pond frogs.

I'm a comfort lover - hope you can find a couple (or more) great chairs to put out there. Something light enough to be pulled aside easily for mowing. It won't look just plopped there, but intentional. Adirondack chairs would look perfect. If you want, you can build them yourselves.

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If you want to sit and enjoy, pay attention to what is comfortable to sit on, or better, sit in, as in a chair. Benches look nice and are okay for a brief rest but do not invite prolonged sitting with a tall cool drink or a good book or your binoculars or whatever.

Look into something like Adirondack chairs, which can be pretty comfortable (can add & remove a cushion, though I would test the chair for being adequate without it) and I think they look classic--think LLBean Maine old-money tableaus. They come in all materials and price points, so while teak might be the best, you can get cedar or treated wood and in this type of setting would let them weather to the grey color. I think something like this can look more "natural" than logs or twig furniture, because by being classic it doesn't really jump out at you. They also arrange in a cozy way--2 are perfect. Then you might be able to do a stump side table or bench-like item for same, but the chairs would be more comfortable for the seating.

You may end up doing both--chairs for your prime sitting spot and a bench or 2 along the way somewhere.

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Sounds to me as though you have a little bit of heaven out there in the back yard. Consider several buff colored reclining chairs. You know the type, low profile, adjustable foot and headrests. This is a spot to relax, to feel the wind, to read, to bird watch, to catch 40 winks, to dream and plan, to let Mother Nature take your thoughts wherever. This is your special place. Design for comfort!

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Thanks for the input! Adirondack chairs! I have a couple of resin ones...I like them...but some nice wood ones would be nice, with cushions! Someone like me, with no building experience (but I DO have the interest! Plan on "building" a small playhouse out of pallets for my son, and a garden bridge this year...). Perhaps I can find plans online.

I really do have a piece of heaven here. And I love listening to it...I can hardly wait for it to start up again! I heard new frogs last year...something I'd not heard before....sounded like the pluck of a banjo string. Very neat. I'd also like to look into making some owl boxes...I hear a Great Horned Owl in the trees occasionally, but have never seen him. The pond is not always's overgrown, and gets green later in teh summer...but the sound is still beautiful. Someday, we'd like to get it cleaned out, and put some sort of aerator in it to keep the water moving.

I'm always out there watching,'s about time I made myself a place to do so! The snapping turtles come up around the beginning of June to lay their eggs...and the painted turtles are out all summer long sunning themselves on logs in the water. It's just so neat here. Get rid of the traffic noise and it would be perfect!

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