Reemay v. Agribon 15

mauirose(11)February 13, 2010

i'm protecting against insects, not frost. Does anyone have any experience with Agribon 15? Reportedly doesn't build heat inside, can anyone verify that?

i see Johnny's carries it but in much larger quantities than i need-2000 feet! i'll have to figure that part out. Other weights are available in sizes more suited to the home gardener so the 15 weight must not be a widely popular product.

Reemay is available locally although only in 5' widths. i think i recall reading here that Reemay is thicker and coarser than Agribon. Is that right? Are there other differences?

i have used tulle which works OK but width is only about 4' which is a little short.

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organicdan(z5b Nova Scotia)

I use the AG-30 in the 83" x 100' which protects with 6F frost protection and allows 70% light transmission. I like the weigh and longevity. Air and water easily pass so there is not a lot of internal heat.

The AG-19 offers 4F frost protection and allows 85% light transmission.

I use the hoops so wanted the better wear. I tried reemay and found it does not stand up to wear or UV. The AG-30 width of 83" suits my wide beds, especially for my brassicas.

I buy from Veseys.

Here is a link that might be useful: Veseys

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

I've used the AG-15 for seed saving purposes(for peppers) and to keep out insect pests (on squash & cukes). It's heat buildup is slight, but it does trap humidity, which is a problem for some crops. For the most part, I'm pretty happy with it.

However, Mauirose, I know from another thread that wind is a real problem for you. The AG-15 is durable enough for occasional wind, but chances are you might have some tearing under your conditions. I get very little tearing when floated over plants at ground level, but thunderstorms can rip the covers on my pepper cages.

What crops are you planning to cover? It might be that shade cloth could overcome the heat buildup.

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Thanks organicdan, durability is important so i think i will skip the reemay.

Zeedman you are right about the wind. It's another reason i want to try a smaller piece first to see how it works out. The tulle has held up OK so far but it offers very little wind resistance and it is in a more sheltered spot than the main garden. i am hoping to clip the Agribon to the hoops as i have done with the tulle. Shade cloth or even mosquito netting might be another option.

Seems obvious but i had not considered that humidity might be higher under cover. Thanks for mentioning that.

Crops to be grown under cover might include greens, brassicas and zucchini (Cavili is working out pretty well). i'd like to include peppers but i think they are too big. (Wait-i just noticed that you said pepper cages??) And if anyone knows of a parthenocarpic pumpkin or winter squash please let me know!

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Here is agribon 15 on ebay. 33 feet long

Here is a link that might be useful: Agribon

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potterhead2(z5b NY)

I just bought agribon 15 from Johnny's in a 50' length (10' wide) for $19.95 plus shipping. They also have agribon 19 and 30, but since I'm only interested in it as a summer insect barrier, I want to get the greatest light transmission possible and that is the agribon 15.

Here is a link that might be useful: Agribon row covers from Johnny's

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