JilltreeFebruary 14, 2013

Hi! I am new and excited to have found this site. I want to make a rope railing about 100 ft from my home through my gardens and to my pool. I do not want it to distract from the gardens so do not want to use anything big or heavy, I need it for some security going downhill. What can I use for posts, how do I attach rope to posts. I appreciate any suggestions.

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This might not be a DIY project - there are things to consider like post spacing and pounds of pressure the rope must withstand, etc.

The only rope railings I've seen are in public spaces and there are codes to follow for those. On private property, and aside from your own safety, I don't know what if any codes might apply.

There's a fair amount of information under rope railings on Google.

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If it's just decorative (I assume you're not trying to use it as a guardrail?) it's really not that complex. It just comes down to scale. Anything less than 3/4"-1" diameter is going to look dinky, but know that anything over 1" gets expensive and hard to find, unless you can steal one off a cruise ship.

We had a client who wanted this sort of thing. I picked a random pirate-themed mini golf place and sure enough, they had this type of railing. Go see how the locals do it, but we just sank 6x6 posts and drilled holes through the posts and threaded the rope through. Easy.

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I took her statement... "I need it for some security going downhill" to mean a precaution against falling.

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Ah. Missed that part. Well, if it's as a grab "rail" it's probably still no big deal, but if it's a guardrail that's a whole other kettle of fish

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Thank you Thank you Thank you~

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We also live on a hillside, and the ground is decomposed granite. Can you spell slippery? Wow!

We have thought of putting in metal railing here and there in the steepest parts. There are flatter areas here and there. I like the rope idea, and I'd still probably use metal posts secured in concrete with rope between. Maybe 5' apart?

I have found that grabbing onto shrubs doesn't work! They just come off in your hands! I considered a zip line, but wow! Very expensive to install and insure!

Thanks for your post! And be careful on your hill!


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I retract my earlier advice so that I might support the zipline. Just don't tell your insurance agent. Ignorance is bliss.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Google "Hand Carved Walking Staffs," Wow! I used the end of a broom handle, and it works just like a rail! Very sturdy going up and down the hill. It works great for smashing in gopher holes too! I intend to use it to beat off snakes!!

I'm going to buy one I found for $15.00 + shipping. Wish I could afford one of the beautiful ones out there, but too expensive! I even looked for tree branches that we could cut and use, but too crooked!

Info I read on one site said that the carver uses maple saplings and suckers, lets them dry and then makes the sticks from them.

Be careful on your hill!

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