Drainage in Root Pouch containers?

TurCre(5 SoCentral NE)April 27, 2014

How well do the Root Pouch brand bags really drain? I transplanted a couple apple whips into 7 gallon bags today, the water drained very slowly from them. So slow that I have concerns about the pots remaining too wet. Anyone with first hand knowledge please share your experiences.

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My black 15 gallon ones do not retain water at all. It passes through the bottom rather freely.

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TurCre(5 SoCentral NE)

I have the gray bags. Do you have yours setting directly on the ground or elevated?

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Even if they were elevated the water would come out. There's no way I could use them to transport any amount of water. Although they are on the ground, it is not 'wicking' into the ground. I've never touched the ones you have, just the cheaper black ones.

Of course, I'm also using very well draining bark based mix.

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