Designing a garden around my fish pond

614Tiger2(6)February 9, 2011

I have a 5ft.oval shaped fish pond that I would like to design a flower garden around that comes back every year and attracts humming birds and butterflies. What kind of plants should I use? Can you name the different flowers that I should use? I live in Portsmouth, Ohio.

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You can plant anything you want next to a fish pond so long as you pick plants that are likely to thrive in the spot given the conditions.

Personally I like to see ponds that mimic a look that you might see in nature. To achieve this kind of look, it often takes a lot of fussing, trial and error, to get it to look just right.

It's usually a good idea not to shade your pond too much with perimeter plantings because water lilies and an assortment of other exciting submergent aquatics require an abundance of sunlight to thrive and flower. While you want the pond to be in sunlight, you should compliment a full sun pond with water plants such as water lilies to shade the immediate surface of the pond which will in turn keep algae growth to a minimum.

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I think I got a little off tract with my last post because I have a lot of experience with ponds and I wanted to give you insight into the big picture of pond design. But to answer your question about specific plants that attract hummers and/or butterflies I've had great success with great blue lobelia, cardinal flower, butterfly weed, bergamot, beardtongue, asters, and butterfly bush. A search around the internet can give you more ideas I'm sure.

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To show off a pond I would suggest lower plants. Not to invasive ones. I have tried taller plants and couldn't see through them as they got larger.I have ornamental grasses and speed-well mixed with just a few scented geraniums. I put a few annuals in to brighten it up all summer. I live about 60 miles from you, it is good to know we are neighbor's. What kind of fish do you have and how many for that size pond?

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Check out this website it has a list of plants that are good to use around and in your pond. It also has a list of Toxic Plants.
I hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Koi Gardens

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To answer the question on fish. I just have regular gold fish, approximately 10 of them.

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