Container gardens and sunlight

NancyB_D(9)April 8, 2013

Long story short we had a house fire so this year my very large 10-12 hours of sunlight garden is now a 8-13 apartment yard surrounded by 6' fence with horrible soil. So an all container garden it has to be this year. I have 5 "earthboxes" some grow bags and lots of plastic pots thanks to an OSH grand opening where they were 75% off plus discount coupons so a 22" pot cost me somewhere around $4. and they were giving away free 5 gallon buckets all weekend. Yes I took my husband all my kids for both days! Everyone got a free bucket! I have done some container gardening but like I said my yard had lots of sun. Right now I have a space that currently gets 6-6 1/2 of sun a day should be more as the days get longer. maybe 8- 8 1/2. but it is morning sun right now 8 am -2:30 pm will I be able to grow tomatos, corn (I found a corn seed made for containers) cucumbers,peppers, and squash in that area? I already plan on leafy greens for the areas that don't get as much sun.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I grow all of those things in large containers with about 6-7 hours of sun broken up to about half in the morning and half in late afternoon in Southwest Ohio. I may not get quite the yield I would get with more sun, but I consider my yield very good. Morning sun may actually be better than late afternoon sun because it helps evaporate morning dew and thus reduces the risk of many diseases. Plus, in heat waves like we had last summer, afternoon sun is more damaging.

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You should be able to grow a great garden with that sun.

I grow decent vegetables in 4 hours/day 11am to 3pm.

Morning sun is much better, plants many times wilt in afternoon sun. When wilting, photosynthesis is shut off so "afternoon wilting sunlight hours" are really useless to plant growth. Read somewhere also that the light spectrum is better in the morning (can't find the reference though).

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