Need help landscaping around patio!?

suz9601February 29, 2012

Hello. I am looking for ideas on how to landscape around my concrete slab patio. I am looking for shrubs/perennials that would look nice. The patio is on the south side of the house so it will be in full sun all day. I am probably going to put either a Serviceberry tree or Crabapple on the SouthWest side of the patio for a little shade. I am removing the rock garden that is in the photo and filling the area in with sod. Should I get rid of the little concrete sidewalk too or would it be good to leave it? I have included a photo of the area. Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it.

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I like Yellowwood match Aster and Ninebark.they have rich color.

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karinl(BC Z8)

My inclination would be to plant some trees in your yard but at a bit of a distance from the patio so that they shade it when they are bigger even if they do not do so now. If they are planted too close to it they will make it feel closed in as well as later create some problems with the upper deck.

In fact, I would garden up the yard as a whole with the objective of making the whole yard a pleasant (and shady) place to be, rather than just thinking about the patio. Leave the area right around the patio open.

I would definitely keep the little sidewalk. It has a connecting function and once there is something in the yard to go it, will invite you to go there. Continuing it with pavers would be an option, curved or straight.

Karin L

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just reposting pics so they're easier to see

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Whats the mulch area next to the patio?

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Thank you Yardvaark for posting my pics here. I appreciate it.

Designonline6...awesome program that you used. What is it? It really helps me to see what the ideas will look like. I will check into the trees/shrubs you suggested. Looks really nice.

Karinl-Thanks so much for your input. It does make sense to not place a tree or anything right up on the patio. I don't want to feel closed in.

drtygrl- The mulch area has a rose bush, burning bush and I place a planter in the middle with some inpatiens and a couple of hummingbird feeders, and some vincas on the ground. Looks nice in the summer time.

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I use MAYA soft ware.I can send it to you online.just you need some time to study it.

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Hi - your stockade fencing already provides privacy, so you're right you don't need to plant for privacy. Some really wonderful low growing full sun plants are lavender, rosemary, small ornamental grasses, small boxwood, drift roses, to name a few. For a full sun area, go with color and fragrance to enjoy in the evenings when you're enjoying the patio.
My article, "Landscaping Around Decks, Patios and Porches" will give you a little more insight in what factors you should consider in making your decision.
Good luck with your project. If I can be of assistance, you can contact me through my web site
- Cheryl

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardening with Cheryl

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You cut the burning bush and rose bush down to the ground during dormancy?

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karinl(BC Z8)

Methinks the mulch area is against the house, just barely in view in the first picture, and the rock garden area, to be filled with sod, is in front of the patio.

Karin L

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

You might want to consider other factors. For the design beyond what your photo shows of the patio and overhead deck. . Among them would be the views from the house out to the neighbors and also down to the garden, where you might want screening versus not blocking views, whether you'd actually prefer some tree height and shading up closer to the deck or prefer it more open, whether that patio is large enough for how you intend to use it or should be expanded, etc. Just proposing some plantings for the limited View you've posted doesn't address any of these larger issues. More photos from different viewpoints within the yard, from the deck looking out and down, and views from inside the house looking out would help give a better idea of the context. My first impression is one of being totally exposed while on that deck, no shade and no interest or potential focus within the existing bare garden.

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