WANT: Wild strawberries and partridge berry

wispfox(6a)March 20, 2012

I'm hoping for wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) to put under a few fig trees and/or partridge berry (Mitchella repens) to try to replace non-natives like periwrinkle (vinca minor).

Currently, there's a lot of crocus in the yard which I suspect that I should be able to ship after they've flowered (I'm new to this, so I'm not sure of how to prepare them for shipping, nor when is best for it). I know we have a few different geranium sp, but would prefer to wait until they are up to select any to ship. I'm certain that we will have many of a fairly short, white-flowered type as it seems to like to spread.

Otherwise, check my trade list for indoor plants that I could easily send.

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