Need Help with Area holding water

valtorrez(6b)February 28, 2010

I purchased my home in 10-08. Last year was my first year at gardening. My home already contained somewhat raised flower/garden beds along the entire perimeter of the back yard. The last individuals to own the home basically let whatever overgrow the beds. I cleard out the beds and planted more daylilies, several rose bushes and hosta's. I left one area somewhat wild because my next door neighbor stated that that area got nice flower bushes. This area got something (some plants from her yard that smells like mint) but not nice flower bushes so in September I killed the whatever with roundup and dug everything up. This should have been my cue but the newbie in my never wondered why this small particular area was the only area with no border- everywhere else has a defining border. Well I went and made a border from decorative rock and planted some hostas and coralbells in this area. Well now I no why there was no border- this area is where all the water runs down to when it rains. Now that I have a border the water puddles right along the border. Is there anything I could put in this area to absorb the water. My husband suggested making a small entry in my flower bed filled with rocks so that the water can run though. The only problem is that I live in one of those sloping areas where everyones water runs the the next person's yard. If I make this small opening the water will run into my neighbors yard. My husband states it had to be doing this anyway because she is at the bottom of the slope. Any suggestions on what I can do? PS- this area is underneath/next to a tree and gets very muddy now that I have a border.

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There are lots of shrubs and perrenials that can be planted in wet conditions. Maybe the past owners couldn't find those at the big-box stores, but look up rain-garden plants and shrubs.

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