WANTED: Wisteria-rooted Cuttings

youngent(5)March 4, 2013


Is anyone layering Wisteria cuttings? I would like a Japanese Floribunda to grow up a tree (Blue, purple or Pink) Also, need a Chinese Wisteria for a difficult spot. (Blue or purple).

I will have a white one (Clara Mack) to trade, or refer to my trade list.


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Youngent, I can get the Chinese Wisteria rooting for you. I have a very well-established plant, but it's been cut back for the season. Once it's up and growing actively, I can get some to you. Probably in about a month or so? Where are you in zone 5?

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Hello Shear Stupidity,

I sent you an email.

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I have some Chinese plants/seedlings potted. Would love
to have some of your white one. LMK.

Margaret (mlcapri2@gmail.com)

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I am totally new but very intrested in wisteria. Would any of you consider trading for something other than wisteria varieties? Email- chowchow114@gmail.com

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botanicalboi(Zone 7 Georgia)

PLEASE be careful with Wisteria! I used to love it too! Then it took over a half an acre of my property. It is impossible to get rid of it. Very aggressive plant. Please research before planting!

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I have some purple that is blooming how and have a few spots layering.

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