Croton needs pruning, but its lost all its lower leaves

plant_lover_grow(z 8b-9a)April 29, 2013

I have a Curly Leaf Croton that desperately needs pruning. Its lower leaves fell off this past winter, and all that's left is its uppermost growth. It needs to be cut back bellow all the new growth in order to be shaped properly, but I'm not sure if it will harm the plant to cut it back that far, because it will leave a bare stub.
My goal is to persuade some back budding on the lower part of its branches where all the leaves dropped. Can anyone give me some advice?

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hi plant_lover
crotons do budback well.But if you don't want to take chance I will suggest you to do an air layering 1-2" bellow the top growth. this way you can get a new plant and the old one will grow branches from where the top section is cut. This process will also encourage seed production in crotons.from personal experience I can say that succsess rate is quite high. Good luck.

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