what crops are best to plant in earthboxes?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)April 25, 2013

I know that any veggie (supposedly) can be grown in an earthbox, at least according to the claim on their site, and their planting guidelines for earthboxes.

However I've read reviews on them and some crops get either reduced yields or reduced size in fruit (in comparison to growing them in the ground or using another method of gardening); generally I've heard tomatoes will grow in earthboxes but the fruit size of larger varieties is reduced.

I've seen the same thing (suppposedly) with peppers.

This isn't from personal experience, it's just based on recommendations (via the reviews I've read via some sites) on what does and doesn't do well in earthboxes.

Are there certain crops that work better and get better yields with earthboxes compared to others? If so, what?

I have 10 of them, and I don't want to waste space and plants planting something in an earthbox, if it will get better yields and grow better using another method of gardening.

I was thinking of beans and okra, but will the yields be reduced from planting beans in an earthbox?

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kawaiineko_gardener, I would recommend that you take the time to understand how the earth-box works.
Thereby you can manage the inputs of medium (the physical properties of), fertilizer (analysis and placement of) and the water replenishment frequency of the reservoir.
Choose the crop, match all the foregoing to its requirements and you will probably be satisfied.
My instincts warn me that okra and beans will need careful consideration but if you can bring those to the table, it will be well worth (in the culinary sense) the effort.

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