Proper soil mix for tropicals?

rcgeek1April 16, 2012

I found a soil recipe online for tropicals that says these following ingredients;

"First, mix together:

2 parts composted bark

2 parts pure pine bark

1 part rice hulls

Add a handful of charcoal pellets.

Then combine:

3 parts above mixture

1 part peat moss

1 part perlite

1 part calcined clay"

I need this to fill 6x 12" pots, (About 3 1/2 gallons each), so basic algebra says that 18 parts plus charcoal equals 21 gallons of soil; so each part equals 1.166 gallons (6's repeating). So, in total i will need and mix;

28 quarts Composted Bark

28 quarts Pure Pine Bark

14 quarts Rice Hulls

6 Handfuls of Charcoal

Then combine;

4 2/3 quarts of Peat Moss

4 2/3 quarts of Peralite

4 2/3 quarts of Calcine Clay

Can anyone see any problems with my math, the recipe, my mixing, Pot Volume, anything?

Help is appreciated.

Thanks, RCGeek1

Math/Algebra Functions:

18x=21g, x=1.166 (6's repeating)

6x = 7 g = 28 qt

3x = 3.5 g = 14 qt

1x = 1.166 g = 4 2/3 qt

1 handful x 6 = 6 handfuls

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Just use the 5-1-1 created by Tapla.

5 parts pinefines
1 part peat
1-2 perlite
1 tsp lime per gal of mix

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