Pine bark locator thread

justaguy2(5)April 23, 2007

Given that lots of folks ask where to get pine bark fines or small pine bark mulch here I thought I would create a thread where people can post the store they found it at, the location of the store and the brand name of the product to help others out.

In South East Wisconsin it isn't available as far as I can tell. All mulches here are cypress, cedar, hardwood or 'forested products'. I even called distributors and several private nurseries and landscape companies. Have a few calls left to make, but it's not looking good. I have to believe somewhere has it, but they are hiding ;-)

If you have found it (anywhere in the world), here is a great place to give up your sources for the benefit of others ;-)

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denalilofts(5 AK)

I saw some the last time I was at the Wally world. They had three different types small, medium and large bark pieces. For containers we would want the small. I'm sure the farther west you go the easier it will be to find Pine bark. Here in Anchorage we basically have access to whatever Seattle Wa. has. I'd bet you could find it at any yard or garden store in the western states and it will get harder to find as you head east.

Phil in Alaska

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I never have trouble finding it here. I've bought it packaged by Southland Corporation and a company in Ohio that packages it for Meijer. I am out of the composted bark right now, but the nursery down the road has pallets of it. I'll get the name of the packager when I replenish my supply so readers can call to see who they distribute to.


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hitexplanter(8 a)

The two sources that I am trying out are the Ace brand pine bark and Landscaper's Pride brand. The Ace looks over all a little more uniform but the Landscaper's Pride is a little finer with some wood included (not a lot but some that may need to come out before using. I am not sure where all this pine bark from Ace is available but the Landsacaper's Pride should cover most parts of Texas and maybe a state or two east and north of Texas. I think the Ace is packaged in Oklahoma but I will check a bag tomorrow and post it to this thread.
Happy Growing David

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Marketed as:
Pine Bark Mulch
Decorative Ground Cover

in 2 cu ft bags, I have found the products by these packagers/distributors ideal:

Mid America Mulch Inc.
Bradenton, Florida #(941) 746-1999

Ameriscape Inc
Harbor Springs, Michigan #(231) 347-0077

I'm thinking they would be willing to give the names of any nearby retailers.


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fly2cast(Zone 4 ND)

I live in Bismarck, ND. The only place I have found it (and I've checked all stores) is at Walmart. It is sold as a soil conditioner. I can't remember the name of the company that sells it but will post the name when I get home. I had to read the package to find out it was partially composted pine bark otherwise I wouldn't have known what it was. For small pine bark nuggets, about 1 cm in size, you could find it sold as orchid soil but is very expensive.

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Thanks for the info so far, everyone. Al, I sent an email to Ameriscape a couple days ago and haven't heard anything yet. I will call them tomorrow as well as Mid America

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I bought mine from Jolly Gardener. They sell their products all over the east coast and mid western united states. At Jolly click on arcadia gardens. In the drop down list choose perenial mulch. It is 100% partialy composted fine screened pine bark, with lime added to make Ph 7.00. I bought a few bags. Then I got a little smarter and talked with the company to find where I could get it in bulk without lime. And they sell it to nurserys and landscaping companys. The nearest one to me was coastal landscape in york maine. 35 bucks a yard. Thats alot cheaper than by the bag. They have many places from maine to florida. Filix. Jolly Gardener Products, Inc.
481 Springwater Road
P.O. Box 527
Poland Spring, Maine 04274

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denalilofts(5 AK)


This may be what you need in your area. The photo is of the only two kinds of bark IÂve found so far. The stuff I just picked up tonight (greensmix) is the stuff from Walmart. Funny thing is itÂs from your neck of the woods. The other is out of Kent Washington and it came from the garden store at about double the price. Plus as you can see from the photo it has a lot of fines in it that look like peat although I think its just partially composted.

Greensmix Garden Bark in Small, Medium and Large.
Waupaca Northwoods LLC.
DBA as Waupaca Materials
P.O. Box 569Waupaca, WI 54981

The stuff in the photo on the right, in both photos is the Greensmix small mix. It is the more consistent of the two. The stuff in the planter is mixed with the bark on the left. IÂm planning to use the stuff on the right from now on as it looks more consistent and less fine particles in it.

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The stuff I just picked up tonight (greensmix) is the stuff from Walmart. Funny thing is itÂs from your neck of the woods

Yes, that is funny in a cruel and unusual way ;-) Made in my backyard and not for sale anywhere I have been (and yes, I have been to Wal-Mart). I will call the company and ask them who in the area they sell to. Thanks for the source!

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fly2cast(Zone 4 ND)

The stuff I bought from Walmart is "Greenmix" by Waupaca Northwoods LLC. However it is not garden bark, it is soil conditioner and is much more fine than the stuff pictured above. I think it's more what you are looking for.

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I would actually like both, for different purposes, but it looks like Waupaca Northwoods is a good source for both. I will talk to them tomorrow and see if they have any outlets for it around my area. Thanks!

However, this thread isn't just about me, it's for everyone so the manufacturer info on various products is good info as it lets others make calls and ask for outlets.

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creister(z7 TX)

The pics that denalilofts posted look like the stuff I used on my tomato mix. It took a while, but now the plants are really growing. It seems to be working fine.

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I think I may have a line on some pine bark fines. Thanks for posting about Waupaca/Greensmix.

I called them and they said every Wal-mart in the area had the stuff. I told them I had been to 3 and none of them had it. I talked to a manager at the nearest Wal-Mart and she agreed to order a couple pallets and will have them available mid next week.

Funny the supplier would think all the Wal-Marts had it when none I went to or called did, but.... whatever ;-)

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