Thujas in containers?

granburyflowergirl(7)April 17, 2011

Can it be done long term?

I planted 50 Thujas (emerald green arborvitaes) along both of the back yard my property lines a couple years ago in the hopes of growing a privacy fence. They did great until last winter when most of them on one side died for no apparent reason :-(. I think maybe I smothered the roots with too much mulch or possibly the neighbor sprayed round up along the fence-line on a windy day (?)

Anyway, I dug up the few (8) that survived, and put them in temporary pots that blow over constantly. Now I am wondering if I could put them in big heavy pots somewhat permanently and use the dolly to move them as a sort of portable screen. I have seen 7 foot tall ones in pots at Home Depot so I am sure it can be done but what do I need to know? Should I use gritty mix or 5:1:1? How often would they need root pruning/re-potting? Would they need winter protection in zone 7?



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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It CAN be done, and they shouldn't need protection in 7, but you'll need to root-prune & repot at least every 3 years to keep them healthy, and no matter how large or heavy the containers are, toppling will always present issues with this plant if you grow it as a screen. I would grow them in the gritty mix, but if they topple .......


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Thanks Al! You're probably right about the toppling...Maybe I'll just try to find a permanent home for them in ground somewhere.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I think there is less frustration in that direction, Nik. ;-) Good luck, btw.


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