newbie to container planting

oceansblueApril 26, 2011

......and to these forums also. I have a question I hope someone will help me with. We want to grow some cukes, tomatoes and peppers in some large kitty litter containers we have. Could someone tell me exactly how we go about it? I'm a total 'container gardening dummy' so need all the help I can get. Thanks :)

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Drill holes at bot of cantainers. Buy a soil mix for pots and buy some perlite and add 20%perlite to your soil. If you want organic for cheap go with alaska fish fert both grow and bloom. Some B-1 would be good for transplanting. If you can find dehydrated kelp i never can to spray on leaves that would be good. If you wanted to really get huge results you could find your local hyroponic store they will get you started on a good program if you ask the person there.

Dont Over Water! The best way to see when thy need water is to pick the potts up if hey are paper light then water. It is better to even let your plant slightly wilt then overwatering.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

OB - Let me suggest that you give the info I'm going to link you to below. Understanding how water behaves in soils and how it affects root/plant function and vitality is probably one of the most important aspects of container culture to have under your belt. If you have more questions after you read the info, you can ask at the thread I linked you to or here, and someone will be able to help you further with more specifics.

Good luck - we're pulling for you!!


Here is a link that might be useful: You should find this very helpful.

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