Smart Pots - fabric they use?

knoxvillegardener(7a)April 16, 2010

Has anyone figured out which specific fabric material Smart Pots are made from? If so, where can it be ordered from?

In addition to ordering some Smart Pots, I'm also interested in constructing some containers of my own due to their shape and size being rather different from what's available from the company that makes the Smart Pots.

(FYI: Yes, I realize they say Smart Pots are patented. However, they started making them around 30 years ago and patents expire after 17 years. Also, the patent numbers they list are mostly quite old, if you are familiar with patent numbers. So no, I don't plan to break any laws and am pretty sure I won't be doing so if I make my own fabric container.)


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Suzi AKA DesertDance

There is a great thread on this whole subject here and even has instructions. Those pots are made out of landscape fabric, and they have a fuzzy side. The fabric is NOT cheap!! Depending on how many you need, you might want to just buy the pots from them or other manufacturers.

You could google, RootMaker, Treepots, Groove Tube Growing System.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on Fabric Containers

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Thanks for pointing me to that thread.

I do plan to buy from the manufacturer and that's mostly what I'll do.

It's just that there are some sizes and shapes that they don't make that I would like to have. For these custom sizes and shapes, the numbers involved are small so it's probably not cost-effective to have them make these as a custom order.

Thanks again!

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