511 vs 311 vs other alternative medias for container stone fruits

mnvikesApril 25, 2013

Going to try a container cherry and/or maybe a peach in a 15-20g container, I've been thinking about trying the gritty or 511 mix but am having trouble finding suitable ingredients. mini pine bark nuggest or hardwood fines are the closest thing ive found for wood, don't have turface dealer near me but I found oil dri or napa floor dry and haven't found grit but there is a farm supply store I was going to try yet. my main concern is watering, im often gone a few days at a time in the summer which mix would be better? or am I better off just using a commercial mix? I know a lot of people hate it but I have a fig doing fine in miracle grow moisture control.

also, does anyone use more traditional/organic mixes with success? if you do web searches for potted fruit trees a lot of places recommend mixes of compost & potting soil or sand but Im betting a lot of people in this forum would be against that. anyone have experience doing something like that or any other mixes they would recommend?

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meant al's 1-1-1 not 3-1-1

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