bagged mix for fabric containers

NottheonlydreamerApril 15, 2012

Hello everyone - I'm new to GW and am hoping to find some help for what seems to be overwhelming me (it's what I get for spending too much time here).

This year, I'm trying fabric containers for the first time (friend of mine had extras and gave me some) hoping to get a better yield than planting in-ground (clay).

I know everyone's a huge fan of Al's mixes and I'd love to try 'em however, the challenge for me is finding the ingredients here and, more importantly, having to screen and mix enough for several fabric pots. I have a back injury that limits what I can do in the garden. I can get a friend to help me pour potting mix into a few containers but I'm simply not going to ask someone to run around all over town to get ingredients then come home and screen and mix up a bunch of it for me.

So (to the die-hard "Al's Mixers" - I apologize in advance for what I'm about to ask) there anyone else in southern California (or locatin with hot, dry summers) using a bagged mix for fabric pots? Can you make a recommendation?

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I'm using fabic pot this yr myself. I've put a 4th of July hybred in a 5 gallon smart pot.This will give me my tomato fix until i put out the other 20 plants come early I put it out during the day and bring in at night.Its still chilly in Mo. at night. This tomato is growing like crazy. The first set of blooms i got 5 tomatoes on.I'm using 60% miracle grow and 40% cow manure. I'm fertilizing with tomato tone. I've had plant 5weeks but I'm very happy with the results..It may just be luck

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I've grown veggies in smart pots for four years and grew them in Al's 5-1-1 mix for the first time last year. I am a complete convert now. And please note that you don't need to screen anything for 5-1-1. But, since you've already made up your mind, I will say I had decent results using three parts good quality potting mix (Metromix 510, which includes composted bark) to one part compost. If your fabric container is large enough (at least 10-15 gallons) and in contact with the ground, you can use a heavier mix than you would need in a plastic pot.

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Not the dreamer., The miracle grow i used was "potting mix" Not potting soil

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Thanks to everyone for your input!

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