Gritty or 5-1-1?

JobenApril 2, 2011

Which should I use for the following?:







Using Fanntum or Smart Pots.

Thank you!

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For me. What is my aim, desire?

Since both mixes work great for all, just choose which plantings you want in a mix that lasts longer than the other, the gritty being far mire superior and out lasting the 5.1.1

I use the gritty for long term plantings and the 5.1.1 mix for shorter term plantings, usually seasonal ones.

Remember that the main purpose of any mix is to anchor the roots.
Then depending on what you use will determine how healthy your plants are..

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Thanks, after screening 50 gals of each gritty component, I needed affirmation.

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I agree with Mike. The 511 is generally used for shorter term plantings, like outdoor seasonal plantings... and the Gritty Mix is generally used for long term plantings, or indoor plants that you don't want to re-pot every year.

I use the Gritty Mix for everything I have potted indoors... all my bulbs, orchids, cacti, everything. I usually plan on doing a re-pot every two or three years.

This year, I'll be using the 511 outside for some of my patio pots and my arrangements of annual flowers.

So, to recap... 511 for seasonal... Gritty for longer term.

You've got it! You'll do fine! :-)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

If I was establishing plantings of all those plants, I wouldn't have a moment of hesitation. They'd each and all go in the gritty mix. I grow all my woody & long term material in it.

.... have your fertilizer program figured out yet?


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