Yellow Provence Pea Plant

LindsayConradApril 4, 2014

This is the first time I have tried to grow Provence Peas in containers from seed. I have had a hard time germinating the seeds but ive found that soaking them prior to planting has increased my success. I am using the same bag of medium for all of my pots (HP mycorrhizae); and all the seeds are from the same packet. Some of the plants are beautiful; they are strong, green and growing well. But my newest one has emerged very yellow and pale (almost see-through). Though it's a strange color, It's growing well and shows no signs of dying. What would cause only one of my peas to do this? It cant be soil bourne because the others are fine. It could be over-watered... so if thats the case will it turn the proper color when the soil dries out a bit? Any tips, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and Happy spring to everyone!

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Can you post a photo? It may be an albino, in which case, it will die. Or it could be too much water, poor drainage or not enough fertilizer. It doesn't sound like a disease, but we need a photo to help diagnose the problem.

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Ok... the medium has started to dry out and the baby is starting to change to green. Im pretty sure that ive been over watering them in an attempt to keep them moist before they sprout. Thank you... and next time ill post a picture with my question. :)

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