such a thing as windowboxes supported by anchors from INSIDE?

Lynn NevinsApril 13, 2012

I live in an apartment building and wanted to put a windowbox on the ledge outside my bedroom window. I assume that I could find a window box that includes some type of metal frame that has hooks attached, and basically from inside my apartment I would hang the frame so that it goes under the window glass itself, then I shut the bottom of the window screen DOWN on the hooks, and then I rest the window box inside the frame which would rest on the outside ledge.

Although now that I say that, just a window screen pressed down on the brackets would not be enough to offset the weight of the windowbox...esp should a strong wind come or something.. really the only way to have a windowbox is to bolt it somehow to the exterior of the building (which I would not be allowed to do)? Of course the other option is to just hope the window box stays put, but seeing as I am on the 4th floor I obviously cannot take that risk that it I would need SOME way to secure it. The only way I can think of barring bolting it to the outside of the building is to bolt it to the inside of the window frame but I'm not sure I could do that either...

Tx all....

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yippee1999, there is an S-shaped mounting bracket - made of flat metal stock - and bent to loop over the window sill and, on the outside, bent twice to form a 'cradle' to hold the planter.
Two or three of these will support a window planter.
The only disadvantage is that the window and screen will not form a tight seal with the window sill.

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Lynn Nevins

thanks...yes, what you describe is exactly what I was thinking of and looking for but I can't seem to find it anywhere online. All the sides just seem to have brackets that you mount direcly to the outside of the building by drilling them into the outside wall.

Anyway, I just realized that....I couldn't use an S bracket anyway! Unfortunately, because I live in a very modern building, the windows we have don't open up and down, but side to side. So unless I plan to have my window open 24/7 to allow room for the S bracket, well....and S bracket obvioously can't work for times when I want to have my window shut, as the S bracket will preven the window from closing, even part way...

Oh well...guess I just have to give up on a window box...

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Side to side, hmm?
You might have to rig up something weird, but I bet there is a way to do this. I would like to do it too. (I have the same situation as you. Except I don't have an outside ledge on my windows.)
Do you absolutely need a screen? If you're in the city like me, there shouldn't be too many insects. (Plus it would be easier to tend the planter without one.) Maybe instead of a screen you could wedge a small but sturdy dowel in the the window frame and anchor the planter to it.

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